NFL scout on Landry Jones: “He looks like a mid-round pick”

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    It was considered a surprise in some circles when Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones didn’t declare for the 2012 NFL draft following his junior season. Jones is a big-name player annually on Heisman Trophy watch lists. He’s been a very productive passer in the Big 12 conference.

    Jones will be in the 2013 NFL draft because he’s a fifth-year senior. One college scout explained to Albert Breer of, however, that Jones’ NFL stock has fallen since early in his career.

    “He would’ve been a late first- or early second-(round pick) last year,” the college scout told Breer. “Now, he looks like a mid-round pick, based on this early part of the year.”

    The NFL scouting community is reportedly unimpressed by the way Jones handles adversity.

    “[Jones] has all the tools we look for in a quarterback,” said the scout, “but if he gets hit a couple times, he’s done. Lots of skill, absolutely — great size, good arm, accurate, tons of production the last three years. But he’s killing himself. … He shows he can do everything we want him to do, he just hasn’t shown he can do it consistently in pressure situations.
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    I agree. Maybe someone can coach him up, but he throws a ton of balls right into coverage. And today (against Texas) they weren't even "pressure situations".

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