[NFLN] Top 10 cowboys of all time

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Jul 15, 2010.

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    Not inclusive of coaches.

    1. Roger Staubach: Hands down. Anyone old enough to have seen the Cowboys throughout most of their history will agree with this.

    2. Bob Lilly: To this day would be in the discussion as the all-time best DT - our first draft pick ever, and nicknamed Mr. Cowboy for a reason.

    3. Emmitt Smith: NFL's all-time leading rusher. Nothing more needs to be said.

    1st 3 are no brainers ..... gets tougher now.

    4. Randy White: A notch behind Lilly, but no team has had 2 DT as good as Lilly and White.

    5. Tony Dorsett: An all-time great

    6. Troy Aikman: One of the truly great QB leaders ever.

    7. Michael Irvin: Not only a highly skilled receiver, but the emotional leader of a great team.

    8. Larry Allen: Easily the best Dallas O-linemen ever, and arguably the best NFL O-lineman ever.

    9. Mel Renfro: Incredibly overlooked and underappreciated for some reason. a 10 TIME Pro-Bowler

    10. Drew Pearson: Tough choice for No. 10, but he was Roger's go to guy and one of the most clutch WR's ever.

    In my mind the first 9 have to be in the top 10, although the order of 4 - 9 could legitimately be jumbled differently. 1 - 3 has to be the way it is. As for No. 10, a strong case could be made for Rayfield Wright, Bob Hayes, Too Tall Jones, Cliff Harris and Darren Woodsen.
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    Not saying it was Landry's failure he just didn't have the players primarily the QB early in his career and late in his career who could win big games. Morton was a choke artist and so was Danny White when it came to making the plays in the games that mattered most. Steve Peuller was an absolute dud at QB who helped seal Landry's fate. All great coaches had teams that were led by great QB's. All those coaches struggled until that special QB came along and turned them into geniuses. Jim Caldwell is looking pretty smart with Peyton Manning as his QB. Who couldn't win games with Peyton Manning? LOL Everyone knocks Barry Switzer but he won a SB because he inherited a great team with a great QB. Like I said a coach is a product of their players.

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