NFLNetwork, Mike Mayock covering draft 10:18 right now!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jan 20, 2011.

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    on nfl network now those interested

    mostly qbs,
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    Could you recap when it's over for those of us who are stuck with the Cable Nazis, Time Warner.
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    Mike Mayock was on the NFL network talking about the QB's and how important it is to find a franchise QB. He mentioned that he didn't see much film on Blaine Gabbert; although, he said he can make all the throws and that he has a strong arm. He also said he (Gabbert) is flat footed at times and wonders if he can display the foot work needed to play the position. He talked briefly about Ryan Mallett, stating that he has a really strong arm but makes poor decisions at times when throwing the ball. He then started talking about Jake Locker and Danton from TCU. He seemed really impressed with Danton. He thinks Danton has a really high football IQ. I think Mayock believes that Locker and Danton will rise in the draft.
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    but in fairness he didn't have alot of talent around him either.
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    Mayock, said Locker was accurate more when he was outside the pocket. I think Mayock likes Locker and his waiting to see how he improves during the all star game and combine before he gives us his final take. If Locker falls to the 2nd round, someone is going to get a steal if they take their time with him.
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