NFP: NFL Combine: Offensive line workout breakdown

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 25, 2012.

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    NFL Combine: Offensive line workout breakdown
    Who stood out among the draft’s top O-linemen? Wes Bunting

    February 25, 2012
    Indianapolis— News and notes from the offensive line group…
    • Stanford OG David DeCastro didn’t lace the fastest of 40 times, running in the 5.3 range. However, he looked very coordinated during positional drills. He was able to keep his base down, maintain balance laterally and showcased “plus” change of direction skills. Honestly, if I had a need at guard, I wouldn’t have any qualms using a top ten pick on this him.

    ICONGlenn worked out better than most thought.
    • Another guy on the rise was Georgia OL Cordy Glenn. It’s rare of see a guy at his dimensions (6-5, 345) run in the sub 5.0 range. Glenn possesses “plus” length (35 ¾) as well and despite not being the most fleet of feet laterally, you can still see the initial quickness/burst needed to get off the ball and into contact quickly. Looks like a lock for the top 20.

    • It was a strong performance from Illinois OL Jeff Allen as well today. Allen ran in the mid 5.1 range and also showcased good athleticism when asked to pull and get out on the move. And at 6-4, 307-pounds he exhibited good length for the guard position (33.5) and showcased natural strength on the bench (26 reps).
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    If DeCastro is gone at 14 maybe we could trade down and grab Cordy as well as a pick or two
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    Im having similiar thoughts. A move down just three spots to #17 will net you an extra 3rd rounder. Not too shabby.
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    I really hope DeCastro is there. If he isn't, assuming we re-sign Spencer, I'd have no problem trading down and getting Cordy Glenn or Janoris Jenkins.
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    Not shabby at all
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    I want DeCastro or a trade down would be best if he's gone at 14.
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    With his combine numbers, trading down even just three spots might put you in danger of not getting Glenn either. With our obvious needs, especially if we re-sign Spencer, I can absolutely see someone trading up in front of us for Glenn if we do that.
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    and then cincy can swipe Kuechly from the eagles grasp nice my friend :D

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