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    Powe needs to do a better job finding the football.
    He can’t find it
    Watching Ole Miss defensive tackle Jerrell Powe this season, there is a clear difference in his overall level of range and work rate in pursuit compared to years past. He seems to be working much harder play in and play out, gets to more ball carriers down the field and possesses a bit more endurance because of the loss of weight. However, despite his impressive first step for his size and overall pop on contact, watching him vs. Alabama this weekend there still seems to be something missing, as Powe just doesn’t do a great job of finding the football. He has the ability to push the pocket, or gain a step and make his way into the backfield, but consistently takes himself out of plays and isn’t around the football nearly as much as he should. Pair that with his limited lateral ability as a pass rusher, his past character concerns and the fact that he will be 24 years old come draft time, and I really would have a tough time taking this guy in the first round. And I think he can be a solid contributor for an NFL defense, but I don’t ever see him playing quite up to his physical capabilities because of his lack of feel for the game.

    Not a draftable cornerback
    Oregon State CB James Dockery possesses a nice, long, lean frame and from a pure body standpoint, I can see why so many people where high on him at the beginning of the year. However, after watching him this summer and again this season, I just don’t see how you could trust this guy to play man-to-man coverage for you in the NFL. He plays too high, struggles to maintain balance and keep his legs under him when asked to redirect and lacks the ability to quickly transition and run down the field with college-caliber receivers. Therefore, the idea that this guy can line up vs. the likes of NFL-caliber receivers is just completely out of the question in my mind. Nevertheless, because of his size I still think he will get a shot in an NFL camp. However, there is no way he’s worth a draft pick in my mind and doesn’t look much more than a size free agent to me.

    He just jumped out
    I was taking a good look at the Washington defense this week, in particular to break down LB Mason Foster and S Nate Williams. However, the one guy who kept popping out and making play after play was the other outside linebacker Victor Aiyewa. And after doing some research on him I learned that the guy is a senior, he’s a former safety and at 6-1, 220 pounds he has made the move to ‘backer this season to add more athleticism to the field, and boy did he ever. He displays a deep, coordinated drop in the pass game, good read and react ability and ball skills when asked to click and close and simply looked really comfortable in the pass game. Plus, he did a nice job cleanly redirecting and getting his hands on the football on the first interception of the game and consistently broke down well at the line of scrimmage, saw what he hit and wrapped up with some snap on contact. He’s a guy who wasn’t on the National List as a safety after starting only two games last year, but he’s really beginning to make his mark at linebacker. He needs to gain some weight and continue to get bigger, but he’s a really bright kid who can run and help out on special teams, and is one senior who has potentially put himself in position to end up making a roster spot because of his great senior year.

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