Twitter: Nick Saban's message that Jason Garrett tells to team

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 13, 2013.

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    As I posted few times, JG is our Jim Zorn. Ask any Deadskins fan about Jim Zorn's tenure as their HC if you don't remember him coaching them.
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    I wish!
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    Jason needs to go down to the college or even high school level where he can learn how to coach the game and actually make mistakes. You simply do not 'start' doing something by jumping in at the highest level of competition. The path of Garrett to coaching is like allowing a high school quarterback that just graduated to become an NFL starter. There is a progression of learning and due to Jerry's fast track, Garrett is missing out.
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    Jim Zorn, forgot about him. I am looking for a list: former nfl QBs that became NFL head coaches.
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    Yes, that is a no brainer and wasn't the point of my post. From a head coach standpoint, football is football. The preparation is the same. Leadership is the same. The schemes may be more evolved and more complex. But nothing a great coach like Saban couldn't figure out. Its not like hes a player who is not athletic enoufh to translate to the NFL. It's all between the ears for a coach.

    He's proven all he needs is players to buy in. Play relentlessly and disciplined for 4 quarters. That's a recipe for success, college or pros.

    It's just harder to get older guys to buy in to being discipline and his coaching style. Not exactly what I would call a players coach. But he's proven his method wins championships.

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    I understand what you are saying but its still not the same. It's a talent thing. In the NFL, you can really only afford one great QB, for example. In the NCAA, you can have three of them if you can recruit the talent. Same at basically any position. We got beat the hell up by NO because we are out of defensive players. That's a huge difference between the NFL and the NCAA. In the NCAA, the HC holds your future in his hands. He can decide if you play or if you sit in obscurity for your entire College Career. In the NFL, guys have a Union and they can sit out or demand a trade. They have options so the easiest motivator is not there like it is in College.

    It's a completely different game.
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    the point is of all the head coaches in nfl history, not many have been former NFL QBs. Like someone aboive said... DBs, LBs, O Linemen, even special teams guys. There just arent many QBs. Coincidence? Beats me.

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    Opie has a Princeton Education and he needs other coaches to give him motivation material for his players. No wonder Opie is "Princeton Smart - Football Stupid"
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    I agree with pretty much all of that. And it is different in those aspects you mentioned. The easiest motivator isn't there. But if NFL players did buy in, there's no doubt in my mind he could have success. It's still 11 vs 11 and he's a great leader and knows how to prepare a team. I just don't like when ppl bash him and reference what happened in Miami. His coaching style is just better suited for college because its like you said, it's harder to motivate NFL players. Doesn't mean he's any less of a coach. Just more effective in college for those reasons.
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    For a long time, Sammy Baugh was the only head coach in Jets history to have a non-losing record.

    Tom Flores won two Super Bowls.

    Otto Graham and Norm Van Brocklin were two high profile failures as head coaches.
  12. Beast_from_East

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    He also lacks something else all of these great coaches have...............................WINS.
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    I'm not upset about it. It's frustration. And I think having a mentor is great. I just don't think people should point to Saban and act like his college success and process translates. It didn't for him and he is the master in this story. Everytime in the past I've disagreed with the process I get "Saban" thrown back at me. Just pointing out that it is a failed example for NFL teams.
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    They've been saving it for the stretch! Get your popcorn ready! :D
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    excellent points Plankton. But would you agree that since Flores, we havent really had a former NFL QB that has had much success? I do think era plays a part in this. Because a coaching style of the 50s, 60s or 70s doesnt necessarily translate to today. Again, the one guy that has had some success is Jim Harbaugh and he was a very emotional player. Ahh, no biggie, I just tossed it out there. Thanks for the excellent response!
  16. Plankton

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    The pickings have tended to be pretty slim with regards to QBs as successful head coaches in the NFL.

    Not sure if I can determine why. You would think that the requisite leadership skills would be there, and the ability to understand the passing game on offense.

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