NO gets Brees - trying to trade #2 - Possible for Dallas to get there?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Wimbo, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Wimbo

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    And would JJ go for a stunt like this?
    What would it take?

    Our #18, #50, Romo, and Larry Allen?

    Obviously this is just idle speculation, but given the coaching connection between Payton and Parcells, it is tempting to think about.

    Personally, I would not want to do this, but you can't discount JJ's desire to find the next franchise QB. Some sort of trade would give him the pick of the litter.
  2. Coy

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    If that very remote possibility happens, It should be to draft Leinart, no brainer.
  3. Tobal

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    It would probably cost our first and 2nd round picks the next two yrs. This is draft with a "special" player and a franchise QB. It would take a ton too move that far.

    Romo is worthless for them they just signed Brees, if Allen restructured (why would he?) he might get a 5th round pick more likely a 6th
  4. Avery

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    We don't have the ammo to move up unless you want to throw in a great player on our team. Not going to happen.
  5. Rudy

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    I agree, we really don't have the ammo. I think because of both Brees to NO and Culpepper to MIA, a quarterback will fall, most likely Cutler. I'm not so confident he'll be there when Dallas picks, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him to go Minnesota right in front of them. All it would take is Arizona passing on him to address their lines, which is doubtful, along with Minnesota taking one of these stud-appealing running backs. I don't like Cutler, but should he somehow fall that far, it would be tempting and (I HATE when peolpe make these stupid relationship assumptions and say things like this, but...) could see it causing a problem between the ownership and the coach.
  6. StanleySpadowski

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    Cutler will not fall out of the top 10. Young on the other hand........
  7. cobra

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    Cutler goes ahead of Young.

    Teams ahead of us that could draft QB:

    Green Bay

    Leinart and Cutler will definitely be gone by our pick. Whether a team pulls the trigger on Vince Young before us is a question mark. I'm pretty sure some team does, but I wouldn't surprised.

    I'm more surprised Steven Jackson fell to the Boys than Vince Young falling to #18.
  8. Sasquatch

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    What teams behind us are going to want to trade up for one of the running backs that are likely be to at #18? New England? Indianapolis?
  9. Rudy

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    Eh, one man's opinion, but here's mine...

  10. Qwickdraw

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    There is only one player worth #2.


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