No kool-aid for Don Banks

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bbgun, Dec 31, 2006.

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    • Frauds. The Cowboys have been exposed as complete playoff-bound frauds. What other logical conclusion can we draw at this point?

    After beating the Giants on the road to seemingly seize control of the NFC East in Week 13, Dallas was 8-4 and had the look of a team that could do a lot of damage in the playoffs. They had a hot quarterback with the Midas touch, a seasoned playoff savvy head coach, and a defense that was starting to live up to all those lofty expectations. Shoot, they even had themselves a kicker who could make a field goal now and then.

    But that was then, and this is now. Since that heady afternoon in the Meadowlands, when Bill Parcells looked like the cat who ate the canary, the Cowboys are 1-3, with all three losses at home, to the Saints, Eagles and Lions. Their quarterback is suddenly quite defensible, their pass defense is a sieve, and they've given up 132 points overall in the past four games (33 ppg).

    They're going to the playoffs, but only because they toil in the pathetic NFC, whose six-team postseason field is equally split between pretenders and contenders.

    What happened to Dallas, a 39-31 loser to the woeful Lions on Sunday? From wonder boy Tony Romo on down, they look like a team that started to believe its own hype, and forgot the formula that got them into playoff contention to begin with. They thought they had arrived when they were merely in mid-journey. And now they're not exactly sure where they're headed.

    Well, that's not exactly true. The No. 5-seeded Cowboys are bound for Seattle next weekend, where they'll face the No. 4 Seahawks, another puzzling 9-7 NFC playoff qualifier that hasn't impressed anyone in the past month or so.
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    as much as i want to disagree with someone like banks, he's right. thanks for that parcells.

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