No longer in football, Kyle Turley is still bringing it hard

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    No longer in football, Kyle Turley is still bringing it hard
    By Jim Weber
    Thu Oct 27 09:04am EDT


    Jim Weber runs Lost Lettermen, a college football and men's basketball website. This week, he caught up with former NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley.

    If you had to guess which former NFL offensive lineman is now trying to become a rock star, Kyle Turley would probably be near the top of your list.

    He's the free-spirited, heavily tattooed, straight-talking tough guy who's still best known for ripping the helmet off a defensive player and chucking it across the field nearly 10 years ago to the day while protecting his quarterback.

    "Well, you know, that one's gonna stick," Turley said earlier this week from New Orleans, where he is touring. "That'll stay forever, man. So it ain't goin' nowhere. And I ain't goin' nowhere either, man. I don't run from it. I take great pride in that that was just who I was as a player, and sometimes just took it over the top."

    Maybe just a little.

    So you probably won't be shocked that Turley just released his second album, "Death, Drugs and the Double Cross," and is on the road with his band trying to reach a level of success in music that he saw on the football field.

    Turley certainly didn't run from the helmet toss on his debut album that came out in March of 2010. One track was labeled "Flying Helmets" and the album itself was dubbed "Anger Management," fitting since the New Orlean Saints ordered him to attend anger management classes after the incident.

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    Good luck on the music career Kyle. Hopefully it works out for him.
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    Met his cousin Ryan when he played here at Arizona. Kyle was the big deal at San Diego State. One thing Ryan said always stuck with me. He said, "Kyle's wired differently than normal people."
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    I bought his first CD, My Soul Bleeds Black & Gold is such a bad song me and my friend Derek used to joke around about that album all the time.

    Another Whiskey is pretty bad too lol. I put the peddle to the medal with it all on the line. Only takes one shot for a man to die. They say I shot the sheriff and the deputy too...It goes something like that hahaha.
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    Athletes and the music industry do not mix. See Free Reign.

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