No Playoffs for Cowboys according to the outside world

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rwalters31, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. rwalters31

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    Do you really want to know what the outside world thinks of the Cowboys chance of going to the Playoffs? Here is a who is going to the playoffs read for Cincy, enjoy.

    "6. Cincinnati (6-5)

    Remaining opponents winning percentage: .491 (27-28)
    Potential flies in the ointment: Four of five remaining opponents (San Diego, Dallas, Pittsburgh and Baltimore) are still in the playoff hunt to varying degrees.
    Outlook: I predicted the Bengals would make the playoffs in the preseason. Although I hate doubting Pittsburgh’s resolve, I’m sticking to my guns. After a four-game losing streak, Cincinnati has righted the ship by beating the New York Giants, Kansas City and Oakland by a 93-29 margin. The end of the season will be rough with games at Pittsburgh and home against Baltimore. But as important as those matchups against AFC North rivals will be, a good indication of whether the Bengals are truly for real comes the next two weeks when facing the Chargers and Cowboys. A quality team should be able to win both against inferior opposition.":(

    This from a reader of that same article.
    "whiskeyfire Really? The Redskins, they will 5-8 in two weeks. I'd say it doesn't look good for them. Tampa, Seahawks, and Vikings have a better shot than the Skins."
  2. visionary

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    it stings when the bengals count you as a victory

    that has to be a new low for this franchise

    these days you dont even have to be a "quality team" to beat us

    as evidenced on turkey day, not many are calling the redstinks a quality team
  3. Ren

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    I don't care how good they are or whether or not we're at home, if the Bungels are on your schedule and you're the underdog someone needs to get fired
  4. DFWJC

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    Didn't the Bengals completely sweep their division (including both Pittsburgh and Baltimore) as recently as 2009 and then again make the playoffs last year?
    Some of you need to watch more football outside of Cowboy games.

    My guess is both Baltimore and Pittsburgh (and almost very other team) would be at least slight underdogs if playing at Cincy.
  5. RXP

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    No playoffs according to the outside world?

    The outside world is correct.
  6. jayhouston12

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  7. Mansta54

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    I suppose the Boyz will have to prove the outside world to be wrong, I'm definitely pulling for them to do so.
  8. RXP

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    They had a chance to prove the outside world wrong on Thanksgiving day. They failed.........miserably.

    I'm pulling for the team as well. Like everybody on this site. Everybody here pulls for the team to win. But the idea that this is a playoff team is completely insane.
  9. iowast8rs

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    I tend to agree with the outside world.
  10. Mansta54

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    So, since they failed on Turkey day, shouldn't they try to succeed sunday nite and keep on trying to succeed until the season is over? Again, I'm definitely pulling for them to do so.
  11. RXP

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    Teams should try to win every game. The Chiefs try too. The Jaguars try. The Eagles try. That's not the point.

    It's about results. And the results tell us this is at best a .500 team.

    This has nothing to do with trying. They don't give out playoffs spots for trying. They give out playoff spots for winning. And this team cannot win enough to go to the playoffs, no matter how hard they try.

    The facts are inescapable.
  12. Mansta54

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    Ok, with all that being said that you just posted, I'm gonna be pulling for them to prove the outside world to be wrong anyway. I'm definitely in their corner to do well and get on a run to post season.
  13. Cajuncowboy

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    The inside world pretty much thinks that as well.
  14. jday

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    If I were a Bengals fan, I'd probably circle that game as a win too! It is what it is.
  15. Dallas4ever

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    Kinda what I was thinking. :laugh2:
  16. demdcowboys#1

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    this x2
  17. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    You know the Cowboys are having a bad season when even the outside world knows what the fans already knew.
  18. Frozen700

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    Cool, what else is new in the world.
  19. cowboyfan4life2

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    If I were the bengals, who are coming off back to back beat downs of their opponents, including a beatdown of the giants, and I saw us play on turkey day, I would be extremely confident going into that game.
  20. burmafrd

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    We are considered a inferior team to the Bungles.

    It is hard to imagine getting lower then that

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