Norm and Goose on character issues (DeSean Jackson)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SALADIN, Mar 11, 2008.


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    I like the chances of him being available in the 2nd round. RB tend to slide and with this draft not being the deepest in years, a good and (productive) RB will be available in the 4th, if not later.

    Put his production against any 1st rounder!!!

    oh, and I haven't heard of any character or attitude issues with him so he must be a Warrick Dunn prospect.
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    You're welcome.
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    I like him as a return guy as well, it never hurts having a game breaking player with elite speed and considerable 'wiggle'.

    Hard to have an ego with guys like Witten, Romo, and Owens surrounding you. I can't see him being too much of a disruption, worst case scenario we got a guy who can fly on KR/PR.
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    He has been a stud WOW player his whole life. He plays with a lot of emotion! Not sure on his childhood/upbringing.

    I'm sold on the player, red flag is of concern and may drop him draftday -
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    169 lbs and attends a school with a very respected weight program.
    Does not like contact and disapears in games.

    Yeah someone we should get. NOT.
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    so what yall are saying is DeSean = Ocho Cinco part 2 when it comes to humility......
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    Were they talking about players being easier to draft for us or was Goose just runnin his mouth again like he did when Tank got signed??
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    I think the character concerns come with the fact that Desean and some fellow Bears seemed to quit on Coach Tedford in the middle of the season.

    I think Tedford was too empathetic(an ex QB) in handling Longshores regression. He has benched other players for performance issues. I remember during the USC game the fans quit on Longshore hoping to see RIley.

    Eventually in the Armed Forces game Tedford quit on Longshore.

    Also take into consideration that Marshawn Lynch also had "character" issues before the draft.

    I think this guy could have been a lot better had the starting QB job been settled.
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    With the QB talent watered down in the NFL "smurf" receivers will be a niche position especially if the QB talen trend continues. Taller recievers give you extra leeway when you throw off target. FOr every Steve Smith and Santana Moss you tons of kevin williams that can only play 3 or 4 wide out.
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    When you can cite examples of Irvin quitting on routes either at Miami or Dallas, then perhaps your 'insight' might hold some water let alone the logic...Congrats on all your 'connections' and 'insight' and anything else you want to wrap in quotes but character issues are character issues, like 'em or lump 'em...BTW, I'm actually one of the cofounders of Google living in the Bay Area too...wonder what else I can claim :rolleyes:

    But comparing Jackson to Irvin?...Yeah, very similar :lmao:

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