Norv has to share stage with owner that fired him

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Aug 5, 2006.

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    Aikman presenter
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    I also saw Norv Turner at the Nitschke luncheon. He's going to present Troy Aikman at the induction ceremony Saturday. That means he'll share the stage with the guy who fired him as head coach of the Raiders last winter, Al Davis, who will present John Madden.

    Turner looks relaxed and well. He's now the offensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers and says Larry Allen is having a terrific camp. The change of scenery appears to have revitalized his career. Turner said Allen stabilizes a young line and proves to be a great role model in the running game. When the other lineman watch tape of Allen, Turner says, they realize the goal is to put the defender on his back.
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    Well I was totally on board with moving Larry out but if these reports are accurate, along with reports on how our line is looking (Kosier mediocre, Rivera same as last year) then I'll admit to having regrets.

    Though I doubt that Allen could have been revitalized by staying in Dallas.

    Lets just say I'm happy for Larry. :)
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    Depends on what reports you read. I've heard Kosier has been steady and Parcells seems confident he'll work out. Rivera I've heard the same and Parcells mentioned that he's his old self.

    Allen will fit a little better in Turner's blocking schemes because he won't be asked to pull or operate in space. However, in today's NFL you don't get away too much with being one dimensional like that. Supposedly they don't like Justin Smiley since he doesn't fit Norv's scheme....I'd be more than fine to see Dallas take him off their hands.


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