Nostrad'onion on Miley Cirus

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by MonsterD, Aug 26, 2013.

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    You'd have to be out of touch to have never heard of Hanna Montana.
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    They had still shots of Will Smith's family and they were disgusted watching Miley's performance. I don't think anyone in the audience liked it at all. It seriously looked like a coked-up hooker was having mime sex with a guy dressed in a Beetlejuice costume. That might be one of the worst performances I have ever seen. The whole thing was really, really weird. From the moment the teddy bear opened up and she tossed her leg on the side of it while giving a mean mug and thrusting her tongue out to the very end it was just a really awkward site.

    At one point she walks by what looks like a 7 foot tall woman and stuffs her face into her fat butt. Good God, it looked like Montre Holland on a pair of stilts and Miley goes over there and puts her nose right up to that ginormous crack as she's singing. Later when Beetlejuice comes out she takes a giant foam finger and rubs him on the junk with it for an extended period of time. Totally over the top with it like a drunken spinster at the bar who's desperate to get anyone in the room to leave with her. Then she turns the finger into a part of the male anatomy and starts dry humping the air with it.

    Quite honestly I think she's trying a little too hard to cross over. She looks awkward as all hell and her entire persona looks like she bought it off craigslist. She looks completely out of place and tried a little too hard to sell her facade of an identity by making every attempt she possibly good to create shock value. She reminds of an old lame guy who's trying to be cool and fit in with the younger kids. He's got the lingo down but it just has a weird ring to it and he can't stop himself from throwing it in at every opportunity or bringing up topic after topic that he thinks the younger guys would be into.

    "Okay old man, we get it. Enough already, you're not going to be cool, you're old and lame. A couple of key phrases and bro hug isn't going to turn back the clock".

    That's how she's coming off. Just a super try hard at being more of a hip hop artist than the Disney pop star that she is. She's up there dancing and throwing her hands all about, bending over a half dozen times so she can shake her non-existent *** over and over. It was hard to watch. Almost like watching American Idol when someone comes on who thinks their the world's best singer when they sound like a pig farm when the slop trough is getting filled.
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    I've heard the name, but I have no idea what she does. I'm guessing she's a singer. I remember the song about her listening to her song in the limo. That's about it.
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    She had a popular show on the Disney channel when she was a teen, so while she was at best a mediocre actress/singer, she was pretty famous with the 8-14 female tv audience.
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    I think you totally missed his point. I think the only comparison he was making was they were both Disney channel stars who had mediocre talent. If anything, he was saying Duff was content with living a normal life, while Cyrus clearly wasn't as has resulted in shock tactics to remain in the public eye.
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    O Miley.........the 27 club is calling.
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    The kids that grew up on Hannah are now MTV watching age, and could you really expect to see something like that at the VMA's? Will Smith brought his daughter along and she is around 12 years old. 12 year olds probably don't understand whats going on in Syria. This is how people can fit NFL games and news stories into their life, they don't focus on one thing.
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    Yes, I do, if its on MTV i expect outlandish and possibly over the top acts. Especially if you're headlining the show with Lady Gaga. No, they don't understand what's going on over in Syria, but i'm willing to bet she's probably not to affected by Miley's performance. She might be a little creeped out by Miley, but i doubt she's gonna turn into some hardcore sex addict because Miley was humping a foam finger with her tongue out all night.
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    These things are monkey see monkey do, Mileys tongue pose will be copied and challenge the duck face as most ******** pose for a selfie. I remember a few years ago my young cousin wanted Paris Hiltons biography because she watched that show with her and Nicole Ritchie being spoilt little rich kids out of the element (their element being everything). Point is Cyrus is the next in a long line of pop tartlets that will influence young women, Madonna, Britney, Aguilera. She just skipped the part where she makes a decent song and is now just trying to cram the most offensive acts she can into three minutes. Cyrus' "performance" would make a stripper blush and Gaga seem classy in comparison. If they are giving out awards to One Direction and Selena Gomez what age do you think the target audience is? All she did was try to go up there and offend people, when that is your only aim times have changed, ten years ago it was the Madonna/Britney/Aguilera smooch. How tame was that in comparison.
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    For visual shots...


    Will Smith and his family's seemingly stunned reactions to Miley Cyrus' MTV Video Music Awards performance became the talk of Twitter Sunday night. But it turns out it was all one big Internet gaffe.

    The MTV audience cam, which was focused on the crowd all night, shows the Smiths were actually reacting to Lady Gaga's opening performance of "Applause." A look back at the feed also shows they weren't even too shocked by the 27-year-old pop star's scantily clad dance. Jaden's confused look was just some intense concentration. Willow's open mouth was caused by her gum chewing. What looked like a gasp was actually just a nose scratch.

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    Trying to figure out why so many Disney girls turn out to be so trashy after they grow up? lol
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    my reply to this paragraph of nonsense... Good Parenting...
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    Where did yours go wrong? Telling you that "you're special and above it all"? It shows.
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    Raising your kids in Hollywood is akin to raising them in hell. Or not raising them at all.

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