Not complaining, but Draft broke poorly for us again

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bkight13, May 9, 2014.

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    Thankfully it fell the way it did, Dallas lands a top 10 Player @ 16, probably the best and hopefully the safest OG to ever be Drafted. SO-LID a choice as they come, steps in as a Day 1 starter and may instantly be the best OLineman on the entire Roster.
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    Whatever. The experts here said we should of got decastro and he's been trash thus far. The same experts also said Frederick was a reach. So I laugh at those even remotely unhappy with this pick. Not to mention the people here saying we should of got Johnny football are obviously trolling the board

    The only thing most of the posters were even remotely correct on was warford and he wasn't a scheme fit.
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    The way I see this first round breaking for us is St.Louis took the red Lamborghini I really wanted but settled for the black Lamborghini instead.
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    Two things we did very little of in 2013 that point directly at the interior of the OL:

    1. pass protect successfully against pressure up the middle on 3rd down
    2. run up the middle on any down
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    I would rather that the Giants get Beckham then they selecting Donald. So in a way its a blessing.
  6. daveferr33

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    LOL. DeCastro's been trash?

    He's been injured. And when he hasn't been, he has looked like an emerging star. I wish we could say the same about Claiborne.

    At any rate, I agree with you on Martin. I think it was a very good pick, especially in light of what could have been.
  7. nake

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    We were pretty lucky Martin fell to us. Shazier, the guy we wanted, was grabbed at 15 by the Bumble Bees and left the war room stunned. But, they took a standing-eight count and went back to work. Plus, any time the Boys take a lineman on either side of the ball in an early round, it is cause for celebration. I hope we do move up and get an impact player on D in the 2nd.
  8. jnday

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    One thing is being overlooked. They took him because there was no other options. I don't see the shift in the approach to the draft. I saw a team that was stuck at 16 with nobody calling to offer a trade and all of the defensive players they wanted gone, make a pick that they really wasn't happy with. There was doom and gloom in the warroom even after picking Martin.
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    He is a solid player, but I sure don't see him being better than Smith or Fred. He hasn't played a down in the NFL. As far as being the safest and best guard ever drafted, he is not in the top 50. Are you forgetting that he is a tackle that doesn't have the physical tools for the pros and has to be converted to guard?
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    Spot on. Plus, to my untrained eye, Tony Romo is bothered more by pressure up the middle than he is by pressure off the edge. With Martin joining Travis Frederick inside, that problem should go away. I absolutely love this pick. The defensive guys will be there later in the draft.
  11. Risen Star

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    Yes. I hate it when we get stuck with a blue chip offensive lineman.

    Better luck next year.
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  12. Risen Star

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    This guy is going to be a fixture on our offensive line for the next decade.

    It's like we're jinxed.
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    Just because you are obsessed with OL/DL it doesn't mean everyone is. I do like the player, but I didn't like the options we had. It was like we were stuck with our last option at 16. If the Steelers had taken him at 15, it would have been a disaster for the non-JFB guys. There is no way to say that draft went they way we had hoped it would.
  14. jday

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    Lika an ugly sweater on a cold Christmas Day.
  15. bkight13

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    Hoping for an Xbox and getting a Winter coat. It's functional and will last forever, but did you have to waste a Christmas present on it?
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    Don't get me wrong. I get it. Zach Martin looks to be a great addition to an already decent OL. But after watching what happened last year to our defense game after game and knowing that we are actually weaker (if that's possible) with the loss of Ware and Hatcher, many of us would really like to have seen someone for the defense that's going to be a true difference maker. I also understand that if Martin can contribute to long sustaining drives, he will be indirectly contributing to the defense. But as a fan, you would rather see that side of the ball get fixed than see them do everything they can to keep them off the field.
  17. iceberg

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    So what do you do in the first the way it fell?
  18. bkight13

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    We missed on the DLs we wanted and had to overpay to move up and get Lawrence because he is the last DE we had highly ranked. That is why is was a bad first day for us. There are OGs that could be had later that are closer to Martin than DEs that compare to Barr or DTs to Donald. We could have got Turner, GJackson or BThomas with our 3rd pick

    We could have got an extra pick for Beckham or Manziel but we didn't, even though teams wanted to move up for them. Just because we got a good player, it doesn't mean it was a good day.

    Donald-Murphy-Jackson vs Zach Martin-Demarcus Lawrence
    Dee Ford-Jernigan-Trai Turner(no trades)
    Filo-Lawrence-Nix/Sutton(trade back with CLE, still trade with WAS)
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    What on Earth are you talking about? Ciskowski and the regional scout they had in there during the pick were ecstatic. Stephen Jones had just gotten done talking to someone and slammed the phone down but the group to his left were gleeful as could be.
  20. jday

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    Just so I am clear, I'm not saying I would have done it any differently. The guys I wanted on defense were already gone; I think anyone who looked at who was available and had a perspective pet cat on the defensive side of the ball saw their player drafted before 16...any other defensive player would have been a reach. I think we can also agree for those of us actually watching the war room, it was clear the Cowboys did try to trade out of it, but did not get a fair suitor. Just looking at their faces you could tell they had really hoped to either get a guy that had already been taken, or get some value for the pick and it just did not happen. So, they played it perfect. Hell, if I'd been in there, I probably would have screwed something up.

    I'm eating sour grapes for two reason, 1. Demarcus Lawrence wasn't one of my favorites and 2. I feel like he definitely wasn't worth a 2nd and a 3rd. That is just the way I feel now, but like I said in a thread I started earlier, the jury is still out. I really don't know what to expect from him, so heres hoping.

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