Not going to be Surprised if we Trade Picks with...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by garyv, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. garyv

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    Not going to be Surprised if we Trade Picks with the New England Patriots so they can move to #9 and select RB Mark Ingram.
  2. SDogo

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    I would be's never been the Patriots MO. If anything the Patriots are more likely to flip this years picks for more picks next year. They do a great job of setting themselves up from year to year just in case there is that one player then need to have. Mark Ingram is not that player and they certainly do not need to trade up to 9 to get him.
  3. CATCH17

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    If they trade up it will be for Pass Rushers imo.

    Von Miller would do good for them since teams are always playing catch up and he is so dynamic vs the pass.
  4. Cowboy Brian

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    Ingram will fall to #17 if they want.
  5. Bigdog

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    If the Pats want to move up to our spot at #9 and we do not want a player, then I am all for it. The only thing is I hope Jerry doesn't be nice to them and demands the 17th and 33 rd pick. I know , I know it probably won't happen but I am greedy when it comes to draft picks.
  6. tko112204

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    Jerry swindling Belichek on draft day...

    I'm not a Jerry hater, by any means, but that probably isn't going to happen.

    It's only a 200 point difference on the trade chart though.
  7. JohnsKey19

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    Looking at the draft rankings and team needs, I could see us trading down 2 spots with Houston. Chances are both Houston and Washington will be hot after the same 3-4 DE or 3-4 LB. We trade with Houston, they leapfrog Washington and get their guy. We drop only 2 spots and pickup either a 4th or 5th.
  8. AmishCowboy

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    I'm hoping that a team like Jacksonville wants Cam Newton and wants to trade up to jump over Washington
  9. RS12

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    Pats might do that trade, but not for Mark Ingram, they'll go D Line, or pass rusher.
  10. Teague31

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    or AJ Green.
  11. rash

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    u seriously think green will last til 9?
  12. esmith1790

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    I was thinking Minnesota jumping past the skins to get a QB if one falls.
  13. sonnyboy

    sonnyboy Benched

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    I want us to trade down in the worst way. But fornicating over the redsucks in the process would be icing on the cake.:lmao2:

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