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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by NotNOCODE, Sep 19, 2005.

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    dang all the talk tonite on ESPN and ESPN News is pretty much all about the Saints/Giants game. I understand what their doing with the hurrican relief fund and all, but its taking away from the Cowboys/Redskinds tonite. Im not hearing the usual amount that is paid attention to Monday night games. And in all sensitivity...but sorry Saints, you wouldnt be getting all this media attention for this game or any other game if it wasnt for Katrina....IM SORRY. ESPNs Monday Night Countdown is cut short tonite too to start the Saints game...and im sure it will pretty much just be a pre-game for the Saints/Giants. Usually Monday Night Countdown is like 2 hours talking about the 2 Monday night teams.....but not tonite! Its the Cowboys only Monday night home game and mostly all the attention is being taken away from it for a game that wouldnt be any special if it wasnt for Hurrican Katrina. Im sorry for sounding insensitive but its just how i feel tonite because the 'Boys are 1-0 and got a home Monday Night game and there is no attention being brought to it.
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    Because that is the way america works, the milk thsi tradegies, untilamerica wants to throw up, just to suck those few extra pennies out, it's sad, but thats america for you.
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    I hear you, I live in Indaina and all I get every week is Colts, Packer, Lions and Bears coverage and was looking forward to hearing some Boys stuff tonight before the game. Doesnt even feel like football season when all I have seen so far is the Steelers/Titans, Bears/Redskins, Packers/Lions, Lions/Bears, Packers/Lions and Colts/Jags.

    Im also tired of the media trying to label the Saints the "New America's Team". I know they all hate and are jealous because America loves its Cowboys, but they have to realize they cant tell us who America's Team is we already know and it will always be the Cowboys!

    Its bad enough they are screwing us out of the half time induction ceremony. They showed the Elway induction at half time a few years back, they should show the triplets as well.
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    I remember that... they kept cutting to Elway in the luxury suite pounding Coors Lights' like there was no tomorrow...

    Then walking on the field buzzed to the tune "Rebel Yell"... it was pretty weak... funny but weak... :D
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    No - we play the Birds on MNF too (November 14th).
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    I live in so-called Saints territory. Believe me, no one cares about the Saints except for some die hards in New Orleans. They couln't even sellout a playoff game a few years ago. The media can try all they want, the Saints have no fans. They will get there moment here for a little, while, then back to the way it was. The Aints.
  7. dargonking999

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    on the road, this was the only home MNF game.
  8. calico

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    That horsefaced *******...My buds and I made a pact to keep up with John that night.
  9. CactusCowboy

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    You can always move to another country.......
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    Who cares. Pregame is junk anyway. Do any of you who regularly read these boards really think you are going to get any new information from the pre-game?
  12. dargonking999

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    Never said i had a problem:D

    Dallas Rules
  13. Billy Bullocks

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    I understand that there are people in the affected area who probably are Saints fan. Joe Horn really said it best though, "No one in New Orleans gives a damn about the Saints playing football right now." I think people welcome the distraction the Saints game will provide, but the last thing on their mind is the stupid game.

    ESPN is always running with some feel good story. My thoughts and sympathy go out to everyone affected by the disaster, the people who live down there, and ANY NFL player, not just the Saints. In fact, I could give a rats *** about the Saints. Just because they don't have a permanent home for the season...who cares. I'm more worried aobut the people who don't have a REAL home. Not a stadium, but their home. What bothers me the most about the Hurricane is that it's alot of poor people who are affected.

    I understand ESPN isn't CNN, they report sports, and how sports are affected in the Gulf Coast, but it grows old. At some point, sports aren't the most important thing. ESPN does a damn good job of milking a story until there really is nothing but dust coming out the teet. TO's ****ing soap opera this summer, all I wanted to hear was what was anyone else doing. I don't wanna get into ESPN bias', whatever, they do a decent job of covering sports.

    I understand it's the NFL relief weekend, I hope ESPN realizes that too and stops airing all this stuff and constantly talking about it. Believe me, I know what's going on down there. Any decent American has found a way to help. ESPN, quit acting like you give 2 ****s, you're in it for the paper

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