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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ThatsmyQB, Mar 11, 2008.

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    Just wanna throw this out, I know we all have our favorite players, some love Cason, some hate him, some like Talib, some hate him, same for CJ, Charles, Felix Jones, etc., etc., etc.!

    Seems a lot of drafts SHOCK ME, like when we passed on Shaun Rogers I believe for Quincy Carter among other draft shockers when no one knew we'd be going to a 2 TE. set and drafted Fasano in round 2, or drafted Jason Hatcher and Skyler Green in round 3 and 4 when I didn't have any of them on my radar!

    So, I know everyone wants certain players, but what would you guys think if we had a draft no one really expects?
    We know we need R.B./W.R./C.B. etc., and could make very reasonable assumptions we'll use the top 3 picks on these positions, but what if we don't?
    What would everyone think of this draft!

    1st: F.S. Kenny Phillips
    1st: W.R. Desean Jackson
    2nd D.E. Dre' Moore
    3rd G. Roy Sheuning
    4th R.B. Chad Simpson
    5th C.B. Jonathon Whittle
    6th Q.B. Eric Ainge
    7th C.B. Jake Ikegwounu

    PICK #22 It's NOTHING like ANY of us expected the draft to go, but if the top corners are off the board at #22, and Phillips is our best VALUE, I don't have a problem with it, he could replace Roy Williams if he falters yet again, and if he improves, which I doubt, but if he does, we could then not have to pay Hamlin and let him go.

    PICK #28 With Jackson, we get a LEGITIMATE speed burner threat we woudl need opposite T.O. and really open up the middle of the field for Witten and completely bolster our return game and don't mind the pick at all, especially if Sweed and Hardy are gone also which could happen.

    2nd round: Moore would be a great addition to our D-line and could challenge Spears for the starting spot from camp, he's 6'-4 305 and ran an insane 4.88 for his size and did 31 Bench presses at 225, seems like the perfect bookend to Canty and the perfect replacement for Spears, he could be what spears should have been!
    Felix Jones/CJ/Charles/Rice could possibly all be gone, and if that's the case, I don't mind adding another playmaker to our D-line.

    3rd Round: G. Roy Schuening, would be great value at this point, and most of the good corners could be gone, and again, this is simply a VALUE PICK as with Phillips in round 1, and adding a top Guard to protect Romo is never a bad thing.

    4th Round: R.B. Chad Simpson- It takes till round 4, but when you got a pro-bowl starter at the position, no need to use a high pick on the backup, but you still need a backup and a compliment and this kid is a BURNER home run threat.

    5th round: C.B. Jonathon Whittle, we needed more corners and couldn't wait any longer, most wanted one higher, me included, but we got Phillips and we still have Henry and Newman and don't have the FORCE the pick this year and get a good 3rd corner prospect.

    6th round: Eric Ainge I think we need to groom a Q.B., if he's still on the board take him, should go higher though.

    7th: Since we didnt' take a C.B. till round 5, and need a top corner definately AFTER the 08' season, we take a flier on Ikegwounu who could turn out to be a top corner after he takes off the year and rehabs and we could get a real steal here ala Canty a few years back!

    SO, what would you think if the draft fell like this?
    Making some assumptions like I said with the top corners off the board in round 1 and the top R.B.'s we all want off the board in round 2, and not really the key impact C>B. available in round 3, COULD HAPPEN, so I ask, if that's the case, would anyone have a problem with this draft?
    I personally woud like it, granted we missed out on a great corner and didn't get a shot at the 2nd round prospect RB.'s that were off the board anyway when we picked in round 2, but all in all, I think we came away with some GREAT AVALUE with these picks that will only help us this year and down the road by getting such great value at most picks.
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    IF the top corners are gone trade down, or take one of the second line corners (Porter, Lee, Flowers, King) with the 2nd, we need a 3rd corner
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    That's NOT what this post was about!
    Would you like or dislike this draft if this is what we actually drafted?
    Like I said, we all would want King or Flowers, or whoever in round 2 to get a corner, but say Flowers/Lee/Porter/King are all gone by our pick in round 2???
    Could happen, they're all rated higher then a very late 2nd rounder, then what?
    the point of this was to say IF all the players that we all want in each round were gone when it was our pick, would you have a problem with this draft and who we picked in each round if the players we wanted wewe off the board or would be a massive reach at that point, not just respond with I'd trade down and pick such and such!
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    IF the top corners are gone trade down
    and no I would not be happy, why would I be happy all the players we wanted were gone????
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    I've said a bunch of times I wouldn't like it, and tried to explain why since you seem to be enamored with long posts.

    Just mentioned the first pick and how can someone tell if they like the pick if you don't know what options there are?

    He´s been droping constantly from a top 10 pick now all the way to the 2nd round, some (PFW) have him as the 3rd S in the 2nd to 3rd area.

    1992 - Dallas Cowboys
    Rd Sel # Player Position School
    1 17 Kevin Smith CB Texas A&M
    1 24 Robert Jones MLB East Carolina
    2 36 Jimmy Smith WR Jackson State
    2 37 Darren Woodson DB Arizona State
    3 58 Clayton Holmes DB Carson-Newman
    3 82 James Brown T Virginia State
    4 109 Tom Myslinski G Tennessee
    5 120 Gregg Briggs DB Texas Southern

    4 of the first 8 picks DB's...

    1991 - Dallas Cowboys
    Rd Sel # Player Position School
    1 1 Russell Maryland DT Miami (Fla.)
    1 12 Alvin Harper WR Tennessee
    1 20 Kelvin Pritchett DT Mississippi (doesn't count since he was traded)
    2 37 Dixon Edwards LB Michigan State
    3 62 Godfrey Myles LB Florida
    3 64 James Richards -- California
    3 70 Erik Williams T Central State (Ohio)
    4 97 Curvin Richards RB Pittsburgh
    4 106 Bill Musgrave QB Oregon
    4 108 Tony Hill DE Tennessee-Chattanooga
    4 110 Kevin Harris DE Texas Southern
    5 132 Darrick Brownlow LB Illinois
    6 153 Mike Sullivan G Miami (Fla.)
    7 173 Leon Lett DE Emporia State

    3 LB's and 3 DE's in the first 7 rounds.

    When Jimmah saw a weakness he threw a bunch of picks at it...
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    3 LB's and 3 DE's in the first 7 rounds.
    LOL, but we had 14 picks in a 7 round draft, what part of that don't you get?????????????????
    We had two 1st rounders, three 3rd rounders and FOUR 4th rounders! LOL
    Kind of hard NOT to draft a few players at the same position, NO?????

    SEE ABOVE, that's NOT WHY, he did it cause we had SO MANY FREAKIN PICKS he had no choice but to use multiple picks on the same position, not to mention our overall team was pretty weak back then with almost no pro-bowlers on our rosters and had tons of spots that need upgrading!
    We don't have the LUXURY of having three consecutive years with Two #1's, TWO #2's and TWO #3 picks though, BIG DIFFERENCE between our team back then when we were up and coming with lots of NEEDS and now where we are a team with 13 pro-bowlers and don't have and extra NINE PICKS in the top 3 rounds for 3 years in a row, BIG and I mean BIG DIFFERENCE!
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    Unless Phillips can play Corner or running back, this draft stinks. Henry has never been injury free since he's been in Dallas and MBIII hasn't been a full time starter since before college. Not addressing our two biggest holes during the Draft means big time "F".
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    Let's start over... maybe this way you'll be happy:rolleyes:

    Of course I would have a problem if the players I wanted were all gone!!!

    Yes I would consider Phillips with 22 a huge reach

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    Someone has WAY too much free time.
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    We will not win the SB next year with this draft...
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    where's that vomit icon when you need it?

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    :lmao2: :lmao:

    :blech: :puke:
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    You keep saying you want guys to contribute THIS YEAR, and why take a Q.B. or an injury guy in Ikegwounu who could pay off HUGE in the future, you say you want guys to contribute THIS YEAR, I was wondering what picks you'd take in rounds SIX and SEVEN who will come in and help THIS YEAR!

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