November 18, 2008: 300 fans mob Bob Lilly in San Antonio!

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    November 18, 2008: 300 fans mob Bob Lilly in San Antonio!


    OK, maybe it wasn't exactly 300 fans, and maybe they were better behaved than a mob. But somewhere between 200 and 300 fans turned out tonight (Tuesday, November 18, 2008) to have "Mr. Cowboy" himself, Bob Lilly, sign copies of his autobiography, A Cowboy's Life, at the Barnes & Noble at DeZavala & I-10 in San Antonio.

    I arrived at B&N at 5:30PM for a 7PM signing, and there were already 80 people in line ahead of me! So here is Mr. Lilly coming out and making a few remarks about his life, his family and his football career:

    One interesting tidbit about the origin of the book: it wasn't Lilly's idea. His wife made him do it! Thank goodness she did -- Cowboy fans everywhere should be grateful to Mrs. Lilly for getting Bob to finally put his life on paper. Here's Mr. Lilly signing a copy of his book for your humble servant:

    Honestly, the man looks like he could suit up and play right now! He had some nice things to say about the current Cowboys; someone asked if thought today's game was too specialized, with all the substitution packages, especially on defense, but Lilly disagreed. He says today's players are so much bigger, faster and stronger than when he played making the collisions more serious meaning eleven defenders can't go an entire game without substituting like they did in his day, when all the starters were four-down generalists.

    Another fan asked who was the dirtiest player Lilly ever faced? Without hesitation, the answer was Conrad Dobler (no surprise to those of us who were fans back in the 70s). One fans wanted to know what was Lilly's most satisfying moment as a player? He said it wasn't necessarily the feeling of winning Super Bowl VI (which was more of a relief). He said it was coming out of the tunnel at Tulane Stadium with a feeling of supreme confidence, absolutely assured that the Cowbosy would win the game. He said that was the best feeling he'd ever had in his football career.

    Asked to name the one player he hated the most: he couldn't name one, because he didn't really hate any of his opponents (even Dobler). He respected them, knowing they had a job to do just like he did. He said the toughest lineman he ever faced was Jim Parker, a massive tackle that kept Lilly away from Baltimore QB Johnny Unitas, although later in his career, Lilly began to get the better of him.

    I got to ask one question: did he keep in touch with Don Meredith, and if so, would he please ask Meredith to write his own biography? Lilly answered that he doesn't see Don very often, but he did run into him on a golf course, playing a round with Gerald Ford. Dandy Don complained that the octagenarian was beating his socks off!

    I left the store about 8:30PM after getting two books signed (my own and a copy for my priest, who is a huge Cowboy fan but couldn't make it to the event). There were still many, many people waiting in line when I left, but Mr. Lilly assured everyone he'd stay until all the books were signed.

    More than one fan mentioned what a classy guy Lilly was (is) and how that seemed to be characteristic of the men who played for Coach Landry. Lilly mentioned in his opening remarks how much he appreciated Coach Landry for teaching about more than the game: about faith, family and football, and in that order. He said 99% of his teammates turned out OK because of what Landry taught them.

    I'd say that's a pretty good record -- what a testament to the Man in the Funny Hat!
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    Was a great event. Lilly did say he didn't like Fran Tarkenton. He laughed as he said, "I got tired of chasing the guy". He is very humble and personable. The man is still stout and looks to be in great shape. If I look like that at his age I will be very thankful.

    Here he is after signing my book.
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    SoTex: great picture! Mine didn't turn out nearly as good (taken with a cellphone camera). For some reason, this forum bleeps out my blog URL, but if you want to see my pix, just type:

    tinyurl dot com slash 5pu9t9

    to go to my blog.

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