NY Jets eyeing McFadden?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by TheSport78, Mar 5, 2008.

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    League insiders tell the NY Daily News that "its looking more and more like" the Jets will take Darren McFadden with the No. 6 overall pick.

    He'd of course have to be there, but the smart money is on McFadden not being a top-five pick because of off-field concerns. The Jets are expected to use this draft to upgrade their overall team speed. McFadden would be a start.
    Source: New York Daily News

    Ok so the question has to be asked. What would it take to move up to the #5 overall spot (Kansas City)? KC has a lot of team needs and may consider trading w/ Dallas

    I say our two first rounders should do the trick. This draft is deep with CB and RB where we could land them in rounds 2-4. Just a thought
  2. adamknite

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    -.- I don't see KC giving up the #5 pick for two late first rounders.
  3. bbailey423

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    lookit....Jerry is not going to pay McFadden AND Barber...it's just not going to happen...get that through your head...IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!
  4. batman36

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    KC's gonna want as near a sure thing (Jake Long) as they can get, and moving that far down takes them out of that possibility.
  5. dmq

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    I would say that he won't get past 6. The Jets need any and all offensive fire power.
  6. marchetta

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    Great. Let the Jets have DMac, and we can pick up Ray Rice. It will be a repeat of when the Jets took Blair Thomas, and we "settled" for Emmitt Smith. I do believe history could repeat itself, and Ray Rice will prove to be the superior RB just as Emmitt did.
  7. sago1

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    Jets sure didn't show much when we played them last Thanksgiving, but then their QB wasn't that good either. I guess their defense might have been better then they played us since the team beat the Steelers the Sunday before they played us. Still can't understand how that Jet team beat the Steelers but then I didn't believe Steelers were that good anyway no matter what the experts were saying. Steelers to too many lesser teams that they should have beaten if they legit.
  8. batman36

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    Rice may be a really good player, but McFadden will be special, I believe. Now, that doesn't mean I want the Cowboys to use a lot of picks to move up to get him, but if a workable deal could be had, then why not add someone like him to your roster?
  9. Big Dakota

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    I've come to realize MBIII is pretty special in his own right. He touched the ball 248 times for 1257 yards and 12 TDs. He's the toughest SOB in the NFL IMHO. Personally, i don't want to give that up and like others have said, let's be real, you can't have MBIII and DMac BOTH and expect them to be happy with the touches, to say nothing of what it does to your cap. MBIII needs to touch the ball 250 times minimum. That doesn't leave enough touches to justify DMac's cost.
  10. Q_the_man

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    Believe me if the Cowboys traded up and grabbed DMC their would be plenty of happy fans on this forum period. no matter how mad u would be when the trade first is announce you guys would be over it in a heartbeat..........
  11. Yeagermeister

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    Not when you realize we lose the ability to resign other players because we can't afford them next year.

    And we didn't fix our biggest weakness.....CB.
  12. mmillman

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    He doesn't have to, he already transition tagged Barber get that through your head. He can pay Barber for one year and groom whomever or he can negotiate a longer term deal for Barber and pick a speedy rookie to compliment him, or he can let him go to someone for a first and third. Lots of flexibility.
  13. Rampage

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    exactly. plus barber is probably gonna want more money than turner got which would be like a 40 million dollar contract. that's too much money for a guy who runs as reckless as he does. jerry will be making a huge mistake by passing on mcfadden and giving barber a huge contract.
  14. Clove

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    I'll echo this. If we make a trade for McFad, you can bet your pebbles that Barber will be included, which he should be.

    You're not paying 2 RBs that that type of mula, when you have other areas to spend it on.
  15. Muhast

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    Mcfadden isnt as good as A.P, if we wanted a wow runningback last year was our chance.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    If Jerry doesnt make a play for Barber and he gets to the Jets pick. He is a Jet.

    The Jet fans wont stand for Mangini passing him up.
  17. CrazyCowboy

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    Man, Barber hits hard.....real HARD!
  18. dbair1967

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    Ray Rice is not half the RB Emmitt Smith was at Florida...just because he is short and has big legs doesnt mean he is Emmitt Smith..he doesnt have Emmitt's power or his vision

    as for Blair Thomas/DMAC comparison, dream on

  19. CowboyManDan

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    I agree we're not going to pay 2 backs big money. But I don't think it's a coincidence we haven't worked out a long term deal with Barber yet.

    It feels like to me that Jerry is leaving the option open of landing McFadden somehow...and if we do, then we only have Barber's tender contract ($2.5million) for next season, he becomes a FA after the season and if McFadden showed the right stuff, then Barber is signed elsewhere.

    If a deal can't be made to move up for McFadden and a back that seems like a good compliment to Barber is available at one of our first day picks (probably not round 1 but possibly), then I could see taking that back and then maybe working on a long term deal for Barber before or after the season.
  20. Nors

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    No way Manginirat signs this rad flag fumbler.

    The Parcells tree of Coaches abhore fumblers.

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