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    I have lived in Hawaii for the last 23 years. Born in PA, I moved to Texas as a young man. I moved to Hawaii in 1986 after living in Minnesota and N. Dakota for a year or two.

    I love Hawaii. My wife is from here and my kids are "from here" as well. For those of you who have never visited Hawaii or lived here, it is every wonderful thing that you've heard about, read about or have seen in advertisements, TV or movies.

    I want to make clear that Hawaii is my adopted home state and I'll defend where I live to the end. I say this because, before I proceed with the following, I don't want to hear any "well then why don't you just leave", or "boy, you sure hate Hawaii, why do you live there?" No matter where you live, if you decide to stay there, you're gonna' hafta' learn to put up with some stuff and compromise on things you otherwise would not tolerate to enjoy the good things about the place.

    As it is everywhere you go, no place is perfect. And Hawaii is no exception. The cost of living is quite high. We're pretty isolated and "out there" should something go wrong. The place is run by liberal Democrats from top to bottom, an par with NY, Illinois, Massachusetts, Louisiana, etc......It's a heavy "union" State where "May Day" is even a big celebration. The state is extremely antagonistic to business. In fact, Forbes Magazine had a big article a year or two ago that basically concluded with "don't even THINK about doing business in Hawaii".
    Every liberal "entitlement" is in full force, everyone's a "victim", and good old fashioned "hard work" is not encouraged. We suffer with a very high addiction rate/problem, good employees are hard to find, and we're taxed up the wazzoo.

    And, Barak H. Obama is from here. Born and raised...............

    That said, a huge condition that cannot escape your attention if you live in Hawaii is the ongoing movement for "Sovereignty". It's a large enough movement, of course exasperated and promoted by a left-leaning government and left-leaning press, that it's existence is constantly revisited and elevated, no matter how small the protest event is. And there are many "protests" yearly throughout the State.

    In an effort to save time and space, please Google this phenomena and read up on it to understand the following points about Obama. There's an abundance of media concerning the issue and I'm sure you'll get what I'm saying.

    To capsulize, the idea is all about how evil and bad the U.S. is, and that the U.S. illegally "stole" the Islands from the rightful owners. Greedy and power hungry European evil-doers, beginning with the missionary's, came hear and ruined everything, stole the land, erased the language, culture and religion of the Hawaiians, etc.............The Eagles sing about in the song "The Last Resort". The song tells the tale, starting with Rhode Island, the Westward Expansion to California, and finally "the taking" of Hawaii, of the near-do-well European raping and ruining of the Occident (the western hemisphere). The story ends with "well, we can always go to Hawaii. No wait, they ruined that place to".

    Of course, only folks with a quantum of Hawaiian blood have the real gripe. But, as on the mainland, if you disagree with the popular liberal agenda, you get "the business", maybe even physically assaulted. You dare not speak up about "I think it's a good thing that Hawaii is a State in the U.S." Hawaii, being the last State inducted into the Union, has a "statehood" day every year. It gets widely protested. Every Caucasian who lives here, whether you were born here or a transplant, is called a "haole". Or, more often, a "*** haole". It's a term of derision and scorn, on par with the "N" word on the mainland. And it's commonly used in everyday conversation "matter of factly". It's just the way it is here.

    Which leads me to Obama. There's no doubt in my mind, him being born, reared, educated and raised here, that THIS is a routine part of his wiring. Because that's all you hear from day one in Hawaii. Everything here is all about what "race" you are, and how bad the U.S. is. The African-American race is not abundant here in Hawaii, there are very few black people here relative to the other races. And, EVERYONE IS IDENTIFIED by their race in Hawaii. It's the first thing people want to know about you. Are you Hawaiian? Haole? Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Portuguese, etc............Then, and ONLY THEN, after that's discovered, does any conversation begin.

    Everything Obama says, does, puts forth, believes, sides with, etc......EVERTHING about the guy just SCREAMS Hawaii and it's politics. He's the "poster-boy" for the very sentiment that exists here. That being: America sucks, tax the hell out of and squeeze business to provide for the "less fortunate", the working man needs unions or else they'll get screwed, and that anybody who has ANYTHING somehow got it by being dishonest and taking advantage of others.

    Therefore, government exists to "right the wrongs" and and legislate to "even the playing field". That's been the role and job of our State government in Hawaii for decades. For further evidence of what I'm saying here, take a look at our Washington D.C. delegation (congressmen and senators), it's a real side-show. Danial Akaka and Daniel Inouye are our Senators. Mazie Horono and Neil Abercrombie are the congressmen. Abercrombie is the only Congressman in D.C. with a pony-tail. A real hippie who brings every "1960's" radical, uber-lib idea with him. Horono is a confirmed socialist with communistic leaning.

    Then, we have the "Akaka Bill" that's been trying to pass it's way through congress for over a decade, but keeps getting defeated. The "Akaka Bill", authored by OUR OWN STATE SENATOR, seeks to re-establish the Hawaiian Kingdom and confer all sorts or rights, lands, monies, resources and standing to a "sovereign" and self-standing Hawaiian Kingdom! OUR OWN STATE SENATOR has issues with Hawaii being a State and sides with those who feel that America somehow "owes" for all the wrong it's done!!

    Sound familiar? Sound like a certain "Marxist in Chief" whose been running around the world saying similar things about America? Do Obama's friends and associations sound like folks who would fit in nicely here in Hawaii? Sound a little like a certain presidents wife's words and writings?

    It does to me....................And I wonder why this angle hasn't been investigated and considered by more important folks than me?
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    Great post.
    Very well written and informative.


    Can I have permission to re-post this here?
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    I thought he was raised in Chicago?
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    Many people make that assumption.

    With relation to his "Chicago" thing, I'm also of a mind that him ending up there to stir up his political career was no small coincidence either (with relation to my original post).

    Because Chicago and the State of Illinois is an identical twin to the "state of affairs" politically and socially to the State of Hawaii. His ending up there (or beginning up there) isn't lost on my thinking either. The cronyism and "who you know" is so think in Hawaii you can cut it with a knife. "Need not apply" many times has to do with your race, family name, and in particularly, if your from the mainland.

    If your from the mainland and move to Hawaii, you're looked upon to a large degree as an illegal immigrant. Again, not universally true and not in all cases (as in everything, there are exceptions). But generally speaking, if you're from "America", your not welcome in Hawaii. Your resented, not only that your actually HERE, but what you represent. That being, you came here to steal our jobs, take our land, and boss us around.

    To be fair, many, many "haole's" do little to curb the attitude. Many folks DO move here from the mainland and DO bring an uppity and arrogant attitude to Hawaii. Demanding that everyone here acts and thinks like they did back in San Diego or Seattle.

    As a caveat to what I was talking about earlier, I have to qualify my remarks as follows................

    My wife's heritage is Filipino/Japanese and my kids are half. My best three employees and foremen are to some degree Hawaiian, and my best friends are all "local" (non-haole) folks. It's not just a "Hawaiian" thing. Here, either your "haole" or "local". PERIOD. ONE OF THE TWO! Most people I know haven't a hatefull, bitter or bad bone in their body. I have family and friends and associates across the board.

    I just wanted to make this abundantly clear so as to be fair. MY thing is "who is Obama, and why does he think as he does". And I KNOW that being raised in Hawaii is in no small part responsible for his "blame America first" views, and his uber-left leanings. It has to be. If you lived here, you'd think the same thing. Because everything I said above just permeates the air.

    In fact, if you move here as an adult, it's quite shocking and disturbing. Because no where else in the country do you hear such rhetoric. It's taught in the schools, available at every social event, every government function, every wedding, graduation, etc..............it's just a way of life here.

    No way on Gods' green Earth that Obama wasn't influenced greatly by the political and cultural climate in Hawaii!
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    He was raised in Hawaii by his grandparents..

    I don't know his complete journey, but I think he ended up in Chicago, because that's where his wife is from.
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    I used to live in Hawaii, and if you stayed away from certain areas, you would be alright

    but you make alot of sense here, never heard of the Akaka Bill, but I was only in middle school when I lived there
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    Very good post Lewpac, I found it very interesting since I have never been to Hawaii. I had no idea it was as far left as you say.

    While you and me may differ on Obama (I voted for him and still support him), I agree with you that growing up in that type of environment may have helped shape his views.

    For example, if Hawaii is heavly unionized, then it is not surprising that Obama may favor policies that support unions over businesses. Now as far as if unions are good or bad, that is a whole another discussion.
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    "Unions" are not "good or bad", they're obsolete, out-dated and unnecessary for the following reason:

    Unions were perfectly needed back in the the early 1900's. As indeed, employers and companies DID take advantage of EVERY means to make a buck. Including abusing employees at every turn. Minimum pay, abusive work hours, unsafe working conditions, etc..............

    But, the Federal and State Departments of Labor, including OSHA, Wage Policy's, Health Insurance Acts, Workmans Comp., TDI, etc..............Government regulations have succeeded to make sure that employees and "the working man" is protected, safe and compensated fairly for his wares.

    Therefore, "unions" are no longer needed or necessary to compel employers to do the right thing. The only reason that unions exist since about the 1950's is to strong-arm employers and to confiscate un-earned and un-needed benifits. The auto makers unions are an excellent example of "over the top union activity", putting the "goose that laid the golden egg" either at a disadvantage or worse, completely out of business...............

    The very entity that is supposed to protect the "working man" (the union) has predicated the demise of the very jobs and working environment that allows a "union" to exist. Companies can no longer compete, prosper, or stay in business due to "over the top" union demands.

    I know from experience. I was a supervisor in the painters union here in Hawaii. THE BEST Painters union in the country for the actual working painter. There is little, if any, union painting work in the state of Hawaii, and it's been true for the last decade. The union demands and strangle-hold has priced it's services out of the market.

    I now own my own non-union painting company, have owned it since 1998. I've seen just about EVERY ONE I've known from the union days leave the State, quit painting, move-on, or retire. There's no work available for "union" labor.

    Back to Obama.....................All the unions in the world are no good if there's no company left to penalize, confiscate from, complain about, or strike against. General Motors comes to mind. Ford too.

    The "goose that laid the golden egg" is THE COMPANY that produces and makes a profit. Otherwise, the whole "union or non-union" debate goes silent. Because, there'd be no union to consider unless businessmen stuck their neck out and took a chance at business to begin with!!! Yeah, you remember, the "evil, white, European" businessman who provides the very environment for unions to even exist!!! Because, if not for HIS BUSINESS, the workers wouldn't even KNOW EACH OTHER or have the premise to actually UNIONIZE!!!

    That's what is lost on the Marxist, Communist/Socialist. If all the entrapenuers of the world would simply "close up shop", there'd be no "working man". People say "This country was built on the back of the working man". No. A THOUSAND TIMES NO!!! This country was built on the back of those who took chances. Who gambled everything with no certain return. Starting with the Mayflower, the Westward expansion, the industrial movement, even the electronic age. From Thomas Payne to Donald Trump to the Dell fellah, folks who "risked it all" and laid everything on the line............and PROVIDED JOBS along the way.

    THAT'S THE GUY, Mr. Obama, who needs the government to help him succeed. For, without him, there IS NO WORKING MAN to stump for and go to bat for and feel sorry for. Without HIM, there's no one to confiscate from or tax to death or screw out of his every profit. THAT'S THE GUY that Ronald Reagan understood and realized that WITHOUT HIM, everyone and everything else is a moot point. THAT'S WHERE IT BEGINS. No businessman = no JOBS!!!

    But, here in the "peoples republic of Hawaii", and in the mind of B. Hussein Obama, it's bass-ackwards in this regard.................
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    Prove it! Obama hasn't. :D
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    sure he has. you just didn't like it so you keep making it an issue.
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    President Obama was born to an American citizen thus he is an American no matter if it was in Hawaii or not. This seems to be a waste of time complaining about this non-sense
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    I've never dwelled on the birth certificate issue, but I think you are mistaken in your understanding of US citizenship...
  13. Doomsday101

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    It is called being a natural born citizen and yes kids born overseas to American citizens are Americans. John McCain was born in Panama he is still a US citizen
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    No he hasn't.

    A certificate of Live birth is not a birth certificate.

    Oh, and this from Hawaii's own gov. website

    Amended certificates of birth may be prepared and filed with the Department of Health, as provided by law, for 1) a person born in Hawaii who already has a birth certificate filed with the Department of Health or 2) a person born in a foreign country.

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    Not if he is born out of the country to a woman who is not a legal adult who is married to a citizen of another country. Which Obama was.

    But with that said, ya'll didn't see the smilie? :rolleyes:
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    Born here or not, that's not the issue................

    One does not develop and incubate a mindset by being "born". That's a topic for another thread.

    This thread deals with the guys wiring and value system, which I believe has much to do with where he's from. If you're from NY City, you're gonna' carry that with you throughout your life. If you're from the mid-west, it's gonna' show in your behavior and habits 'till the day you die. If you're from California, you're gonna' carry a set of thoughts with you according to your surroundings you were exposed to in your upbringing.

    If you're from Hawaii, there's no where like it in the U.S. Again, I don't want to rain on anyones "Hawaii" parade. It's a great place to live. Wonderful. The people are wonderful and I don't even have to go into the weather! The beaches, the trade winds, even the smell in the air............just fantastic. The closest thing to Heaven on Earth IMO.

    But, there's the obligatory "trade-off" that you'll have with anywhere you live. I you live in NY City, it's an amazing place. 24/7 fun and activity, the "city that never sleeps". The world is your oyster if you live there. BUT, there's the "trade-off" you have to deal with to enjoy NY City. The crime, cost of living, lots and lots of people, traffic, etc.................

    If you chose Hawaii, you're gonna' hafta' get used to heavy duty liberal activity and democrat rule. And, you're gonna' hafta' put up with a lot of whining and complaining and moaning from the "victim" class of people who want something for nothing.

    Another thing...............Hawaii has the largest amount "per capita" of folks who work for the State or County, and it's all cronyism. Of course, they're all unionized and we pay for it. Something like one out of every eight jobs in Hawaii is a State or County job. Every single one of them is someone's cousin, brother, son, father, uncle, etc........... Classic "nine guys standing around and one guy with a shovel" stuff all the time. We had a 200 ft. bridge project on our island that took four years to complete, and cost double the amount to build the Golden Gate bridge. We had a 1.5 mile stretch of highway in Kona to expand, and it tool three years and 7 million dollars to complete!

    The kind of stuff thats right up Obama's alley. Again, Google "Hawaii Politics". Don't take my word for it. It's stuff that people simply don't know about Hawaii. They come for a vacation for a week or two, go to a luau, visit a beach, get a lei, and think it's Valhalla. And it IS for a week or two. But to live here? Obama could be the King of Hawaii, because it's "all Obama all the time" here.
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    Natural born citizens are born on US soil.

    You have to apply for citizenship if you are born overseas to American parents. McCain was born in the Canal zone, special rules apply. Same thing as the Philppines and other former terratories.

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]A person, who acquired United States citizenship through birth abroad to a U.S. citizen parent(s) or who acquired U.S. citizenship by derivative naturalization, may apply for a Certificate of Citizenship under the provisions of Section 341 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Application for this document may be made in the United States to the nearest office of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Department of Homeland Security. Upon approval, a Certificate of Citizenship will be issued in the name of the subject, but only if that person is in the United States. Obtaining this certificate involves presentation of basically the same documentation required to obtain a Consular Report of Birth. Under law, the Consular Report of Birth and the Certificate of Citizenship are equally acceptable as proof of citizenship.[/FONT]

    It can get complicated but basically at the age of 18 you have to make a choice of where you want your citizenship since we don't recognize dual citzenship.

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

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    then for this to be true, the republicans failed at "vetting", the supreme court failed at it, and our entire process broke down in this one instance to allow it.

    even if all that happened, there's no way in hell it would have got past hillary in her bid to be president. if she thought there was anything to it, she'd have milked it for all it's worth.

    i just don't see where it can really big an "open" issue like it is except for people who just hate obama.
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    It takes a special kind of stupid to think that over decades of Obama's life, tons of people, government agencies, his parents, and even the local newspaper in Hawaii that announced his birth are all in on a massive coverup to prevent people from knowing he's not an actual US citizen.

    I mean, really? Do you really want to attach yourself to that brand of stupidity?
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    If you have to ask the question...you already know the answer.

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