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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Deacon Moss, Dec 24, 2005.

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    1. LA reverted to his old ways by serving up a healthy dose of pancakes!!!
    2. TNew was in Steve Smiths hip pocket like lose change.
    3. DWare got off the ball today with such speed, almost as if he knew the snap count.
    4. Torrin Tucker held up better than I thought he would vs. Rucker.
    5. Although it may not appear so on TV, the secondary was laying some serious wood out there!!!
    6. After JJ's 2nd TD, it seemed to breathe new life in the 'boys as guys appeared fired-up especially on the ensuing kick-coverage, guys were jumping up and down, head-butting each other, it was an awesome sight!!!

    Those were just some of the particulars that jump out me, anyone else who was there feel free to add on!
  2. Chuck 54

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    I love it...just can't understand where any of that emotion and fire was last week when the game meant even more to us.
  3. ddh33

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    I want to say again that I thought Ryan Fowler was very active inside in the 3-4. I think Shanle replaced him on the passing downs, but #55 was in the picture on just about every play. I like that.

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