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    what happened last week? Man this fanbase is fickle...
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    You guys abandoned the run in weeks 1 & 2 because of early turnovers/3 & outs, plus the inability to stop anyone. Against Detroit, Morris had 15 carries despite being largely ineffective, outside of the 30 yard TD. Against Oakland, Morris had 16 carries before getting hurt, and Helu ran 13 times. And against us last night, Morris was largely ineffective, outside the long run.

    In years prior, he hasn't played in a 4-3. Truth is, this year everyone has had trouble blocking him.

    Last year, when we were without Bruce Carter, Sean Lee, Barry Church and Josh Brent. 4 starters, all located in the middle of the defense.

    Who was the last power running team to win a SB?
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    Why not? If not for those plays along with the D we could have very well lost that game. Once again Romo things he and he alone has to make things happen. I say trust the running game a little more. I have come to the conclusion that Romo is the reincarnation of Farve minus the SB.
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    I think this guy could be a player moving forward. Nothing more than a rotational guy this year, but one offseason to slim down could yield a nice 3-tech (out of nothing).
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    Well, because the offense can't pick and choose their starting position. If a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his butt. My statement was responding to low yardage totals for the offense. I dont disagree with picking our running game up a bit though.
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    Good God! If your a foreskins fan then put some of your teams imagery in your sig or something. It took me forever to reallize that your not a real dallas fan... yeesh! There oughta be a law..
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    That is really telling and that stat where 'half the teams that made the playoffs one year don't make it the next year' is so true. The only team on that list that didn't make it last year are the Steelers and Giants. The Ravens might be a team that gets added to a list like this. It's just weird how that always works out every year.
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    Parity driven league.
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    No team has that option. But it still is not an excuse for poor performance.
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    The team punted 5 times and gained about 90 yards from the 12:00 mark in the 2nd quarter and beyond.

    Short fields only skew the numbers if the team would have gained all those yards without the short field, something that is far from a given.

    Considering the improvement along the OL, I think the offense has underperformed in 4 of their 6 games thus far with only STL and DEN being two strong games.
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    Never said it was an excuse for poor performance. I said it was a reason the yardage total was skewed.
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    I don't disagree with this. My only point was, if you only look at total yardage as a measure of how effective your offense was, it can be skewed by starting field position, even though the offense is scoring. You're correct in that we have no way of knowing whether the offense would have driven the field and scored with normal starting position on those drives, and I agree that the offense didn't look in sync enough to expect that it would have happened in this game. I'm still hoping to see more consistent offensive performances as well. I keep thinking if we can play half as well on offense as we did in the Denver and St. Louis games, we can beat about anyone. The problem is we don't always play half that well.
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    VA Cowboy your right on the money.

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