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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Howboutdemcowboys31, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Sean Payton got us Romo. You are so desperate to defend Jerry- how much did he pay you?
    Love how you can ignore little facts like the Steelers have won more SBs in the last 15 years then Jerry Jones as GM has had his team win playoff games.
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    Here's another indisputable fact for you.

    In the last 18 and more years since we won a Super Bowl we've changed just about everything possible about this Franchise from the HC to the Stadium and yet very little on the field has changed.

    Apart that is from JJ himself.

    From his own mouth he told us that in his capacity as GM he would have been fired long ago if he hadn’t been the owner.

    And still you don’t see him as the problem and defend him as GM???
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    I 2nd that!
  4. AKATheRake

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    I would blow the whole thing up.

    1. New GM (not gonna happen)

    2. Whole new coaching staff minus Marinelli, ST's and WR's. coaches. I like what I'm seeing in those parts of our game.

    3. Player fire sale including Romo at all costs. Even if we're paying bums minimums next year and losing every game to absorb the shot the cap is gonna take and be rid of the year after.

    Only players not to touch are Dez, Lee, Smith and Frederick. They will be in their primes when this thing is ready to turn around in 2-3 years of rebuilding. Even Carr can get shipped for a 2nd.

    All the perennial hyped and washed up loser team tossed. The 4 keepers are fearless competitors and young studs. Get them a young QB like them to lead this team and that's the starting core.

    New franchise QB, trenches built on both sides of the ball first, then everything outwards.

    It's total destruction before reconstruction and won't happen but is necessary for the next 2 years because we don't have a shot anyways as is in that period of time.
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    I'd also add Dwayne Harris and Dan Bailey to that untouchable list unless I could get a 2nd up for either or.

    Harris is too versatile and good on ST's with youth and Bailey is downright clutch and young.
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    6-10? Seriously? Pm me if you Wanna bet on it mr overreaction.
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    You a mind reader! For the last three years, I have been preaching DTs and OGs. This year I added a running back that gets 4 to 5 yards minimum each time he carries. My hope is that Jerry earns his lessen that games are won in the trenches. If not then he is definitely Al Davis's replacement.
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    I don't believe any longer in this "just get a real GM" way of thinking. There cannot be a real GM in Dallas under Jerry's ownership.

    1) Jerry won't allow anyone to get the credit and fame associated with his franchise. He is the football guy, the omnipotent mastermind, in essence.... he is the Dallas Cowboys
    2) Jerry has no clue to recruit the right GM, and
    3) He cannot evaluate that GM's work
    4) Even if he did hire a competent GM and let that guy operate uninterrupted, Jerry would still institute the wrong culture with his presence in the locker room, on the sideline during games, in the media etc.

    There is no hope for this franchise before Jerry, his family and everyone associated with them are gone. It's not just a question of two good draft classes or getting a real GM. It's a question of the Joneses leaving town.
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    I had reply to this because nobody can coach this team as long as the idiot Jerry Jones is running the show.

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