Offense Failed All Year...Time For A New OC

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Yes, Romo picked a bad time for a bad performance that cannot be blamed on the OL or receivers...simply taking care of the ball likely produces a better result. If Tony Romo doesn't overthrow behind Ogletree on first possession, we have a 3 or seven point lead; if Tony doesn't throw a horrible duck deep and inside to Austin instead of on sideline for an int on second possession on 2nd and 5, we may have more points on the board and a bigger lead.

    Our offense had one decent drive all night, 89 yards for a 7-0 lead after two INTs. The only reason we scored a second TD is thanks to Harris' punt return and penalty putting us on the 15.

    Despite giving up big rushing yards, the defense gave up 0 in the first quarter despite two turnovers that put them on the field more; they gave up only 14 points through three quarters of football, yet we scored only 7 points.

    Then when we are down only 3 points and the defense forced another punt, Tony throws the idiotic inexcusable int putting the defense back on the field again in the red zone. Somehow they manned up and would have forced another FG attempt and given the offense one final attempt to win the game if not for the flag on Hatcher.

    No, the yards Morris put up rushing didn't bother me at all compared to what we gave up to RGIII and the passing game in Dallas. A bunch of scrubs who were expected to give up huge points by most predictions played their guts out and gave Tony Romo and the offense plenty of opportunities to build a lead through three quarters, but three INTs and failed drive after failed drive despite no penalties sealed the fate of the Cowboys.

    This team needs OL, DL, and safety help for starters, but we really need a new offensive coordinator with a new philosophy.
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    The problems are things that go back years and years. This offense is ill, it needs fresh ideas.
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    Well, since the real OC is Garrett, what you posit is a new head coach. Callahan is OC in name only apparently...Garrett calls all the offense.
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    I agree 100% with the added exception (like another poster pointed out) we need another HC.
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    Lovie Smith - HC and DC
    Norv Turner - OC

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