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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bob Sacamano, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Bob Sacamano

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    Happy Gilmore
  2. smarta5150

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    Actually the ovie you are looking for is Billy Madison.

    I will now reward you with zero points.
  3. The30YardSlant

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    Still no points for you :lmao:
  4. masomenos

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    Couple Dallas Mocks

    Mock 1
    1. Dwayne Bowe - WR LSU
    2. Johnathan Wade - CB Tennessee
    3. Alan Barbre- OT Missouri Southern St
    4. Brian Robinson - OLB Texas
    5. Kareem Brown - DT Miami
    6a. Dan Stantucci - OG Notre Dame
    6b. Dustin Fry - C Clemson
    7a. Le'ron Mclain - FB Alabama
    7b. Justin Medlock - K UCLA

    Mock 2 (all picks the same except)
    1. Anthony Spencer - OLB Purdue
    4. Chris Davis - WR FSU

  5. superpunk

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    I love it, both ways - although I wonder if we'd like a shot at Gonzales (WR) in the second?
  6. bhamzspecial

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    My Mock Draft is as good as it gets

    Round 1-WR-Dwayne Jarret(USC)
    Round 2-OLB-Quentin Moses(Georgia)
    Round 3-CB-Courtney Brown(Cal-Poly) or Usama Young(Kent State)
    Round 4-OG/T-Allen Barbre(Missouri Southern)
    Round 5-NT-Walter Thomas(NW Mississippi JC)
    Round 6-OT-Jermon Bushrod(Townson State)
    Round 6-OLB-Jacob Ford(Central Arkansas)
    Round 7-FB-Jessie Allen(Virginia Tech)
    Round 7-OC/G-Kyle Young(Fresno State)
    Round 7-BAP

    This mock stays true to your board and you don't reach for any player.

  7. CrazyCowboy

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    Does Jarrett have the speed to seperate? I am not sure.
  8. TheSport78

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    i wouldn't be disappointed with the Jarrett pick...he doesn't separate that well against WR's all the time, but looking at some of his highlights, this guy just makes plays in big game situations. I think he has game speed which is something you can't teach or measure! Plus he would be entering an offense similar to USC just because of the fact he will have so much talent around him. So Jarrett could make an immediate impact, especially if Owens or Glenn go down.

    Not really sure about the Moses pick...he had a pretty mediocre senior year and i don't know what other LB's would be on the board at this point. I'de rather see someone like Anthony Spencer or even LaMarr Woodley come off the board for the Cowboys.

    I like the Courtney Brown pick, I'm not sure if the 3rd round would be a tad of a reach, wouldn't disappoint me though. Don't know much about Usama Young.

    Love the Barbre pick. Obviously we're interested in this guy and it's almost certain we'll draft him.

    Kinda weary of Walter Thomas. HUGE guy and probably perfect for the 34, but he has character and work ethic issues. This guy is a project I think.

    Can't really comment on the rest of them because I don't know much about them except Kyle Young. Good pick to be the swing guy for C/G.

    Not bad at all.
  9. dbair1967

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    Quinten Moses might not even go on day one, let alone rd two...I wouldnt mind Jarrett, but I think he can be had later than 22

  10. big dog cowboy

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    Two things.

    1. :welcome: to the board.

    2. Your quote above is all I read. Couldn't go any further. Don't be insulted. My mom could put out a mock and I wouldn't read it either.
  11. hendog

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    Nice mock. I personally don't think I want 5 of my first 7 picks to be from small schools playing lesser competition. Seems too much to ask all of them to pan out.
  12. bhamzspecial

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    Besides the first three picks who will need to contribute this year. After the first three all are the other picks are for 2008 and beyond. Jarret can play right away. Moses even though he had a subpar senior year is a threat on the edge and Courtney Brown can work his way into the nickel by years end. This guy has speed and some ability
  13. alancdc

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    Like small schools? How in the world do you, or could you know anything about the players at these small schools? I don't mean that as bad as it probably sounds, but man....If so, hats off to you for doing homework!
  14. Future

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    Jarrett in the first frightens me
  15. alancdc

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    Not sure if I am frightened, but nervous for sure!
  16. bhamzspecial

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    Look at Jarrett's numers vs. any other receiver not named Calvin Johnson because he is a whole another story. Regarding the small schools, I don't care where they play but what potential they have at the next level and hope it translate to the pro's. Jerry Rice(Goat) Miss. Valley and our own Larry Allen arguably one of the best guards of all time Sonoma State, never heard of it in my life. I know those are two extreme example but true.
  17. VACowboy

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  18. alancdc

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    Oh, I have no doubt that you can find talent at small schools, but to have that many in the mock I just don't see how anyone could know that much about them. If you do....I hear ya!
  19. marchetta

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    Jay Moore DE Nebraska

    Jay is a sleeper DE in this draft. He has excellent size, strength, speed and burst to play his position. He does a very good job defending against the run and looks to be a good teammate. Jay has an excellent burst off the line of scrimmage to rush the QB and if he chose to, he could blow by just about any O-lineman at the college level; however, to his credit, he played within the scheme of the defensive system and was more interested in playing his assignment than freelancing and making flashy looking plays. Jay has the potential to be an impact DE for the team that drafts him.

    Jay has two issues he needs to address: 1) he needs more confidence in his talent and 2) he needs a coach to bring out leadership qualities that are hidden away in Jay because he is such a good teammate and doesn’t want to rock the boat, so to speak. Of course he needs to learn better techniques and yada, yada, yada, get bigger and stronger, but that is the normal stuff that we all know about already.


    Jay has enormous potential, but because he was on a team with Adam Carriker, I feel he was willing to take a second chair, which caused him to be overlooked by most people who were looking at the other side of the D-line to watch Adam. When I do my consulting work and seminars, I always use this analogy when trying to teach someone my system: when you see an outstanding player on the defensive line or offensive line, make sure you look at the player who plays the same position on the opposite side of the line. In most cases, you’ll find a player who may be just as good or better than the player everyone else is raving about. Last year, I told you all to look at the player on the other side of the defense from Mario Williams because he was a very good player. Manny Lawson has done a pretty good job for the team that drafted him; when I wrote my profile of him and rated him as a 1st round talent, no one had noticed Manny. Now I’m telling you that Jay is as good a talent as Adam is and no one has noticed him either. When he gets to the Senior Bowl and starts to workout, everyone is going to see some talents that have been hidden away because the kid is an excellent teammate. Jay will be able to play either side of the line, but I think if a team is smart, they will put him on the strong side and leave him there because he is an excellent all around talent against the run and at rushing the passer.

    - Drew Boylhart (thehuddlereport.com)
  20. Bob Sacamano

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    1st round #22 Tennessee WR Robert Meachem…6'2" 214

    Combine measurements:

    4.39 40
    *1.49 10-yard dash
    2.49 20-yard dash
    37" vertical
    *10'8" long jump
    *4.19 short-shuttle
    6.97 3-cone drill

    *Pro-Day measurements

    The Skinny Outside of Calvin Johnson, Meachem has the best size/speed ratio of projected 1st day receivers, huge YAC threat, explodes in and out of his cuts, turns up field quickly once he secures the football, averaged 18 yards a catch on 71 receptions as a Junior, Dallas is said to be really high on Meachem
    2nd round #53 Akron OG Andy Alleman…6’4” 305

    Combine measurements:

    5.07 40-yard dash
    1.71 10-yard dash
    2.87 20-yard dash
    27 reps of 225
    30” vertical
    *4.38 short-shuttle
    *7.43 3-cone drill
    8’10” long jump

    *Pro-Day measurements

    The Skinny Athletic OG who placed very highly among the guard prospects in most of the measurable exercises; his 40 yard dash time…tops, 10-yard dash…tied for tops, 20-yard dash…tops, vertical jump…tops, long jump…tops, and short-shuttle…tops, so as you can see, Alleman is pretty athletic, plus has the room to add more weight, Dallas is said to be interested in Alleman
    3rd round #87 Texas DE Brian Robison…6’3” 259

    Combine measurements:

    4.67 40
    1.49 10-yard dash
    2.65 20-yard dash
    6.89 3-cone drill
    4.26 short-shuttle
    27 reps of 225
    40 ½” vertical
    10’1” long jump

    The Skinny Crazy, athletic DE, who plugging his bench, long jump and vertical numbers into Pat Kirwan’s strength and explosion formula, grades a 77.51, which is superb, is good at disrupting plays in the backfield and pursuing, needs to work on his pass-rush repertoire however, although his rip and swim moves are really good, Dallas gave a lot of attention to Robison at the Senior Bowl
    4th round #118 Missouri Southern OT Allen Barbre…6’4” 300

    Combine measurements:

    4.84 40
    1.65 10-yard dash
    2.81 20-yard dash
    28 reps of 225
    4.63 short-shuttle
    7.4 3-cone drill
    32” vertical
    8’9” long jump

    The Skinny Athletic OT who is on the rise thanks to running a 4.84 40-yard dash, as well as scoring highly on the rest of his exercises at the Combine, dominant at the Div-2 level, according to NFLDraftScout, courtesy of masonmenos, Barbre excelled both as a run and pass-blocker, he also projects to OG in the pros, Dallas is said to be interested in Barbre

    5th round #149 Kent State CB Usama Young…5'11" 196

    Pro-Day measurements:

    4.4 40
    1.46 10-yard dash
    43" vertical
    10'11" long jump
    6.65 3-cone drill
    4.31 short-shuttle
    11.98 long-shuttle

    The Skinny Intriguing Day 2 CB with obvious physical gifts, had a productive career at Kent State, is receiving a lot of interest thanks to a great Pro-Day workout, including having a workout scheduled w/ Dallas, he could come off the board early on Day 2, even late Day 1
    6h round #180 Nevada QB Jeff Rowe…6’5” 226

    Combine measurements:

    4.91 40
    1.65 10-yard dash
    2.84 20-yard dash
    4.15 short-shuttle
    6.72 3-cone drill
    29 ½” vertical
    9’6” long jump

    The Skinny Solid, developmental type QB with great size and a good arm, has surprising agility, excels in the short to intermediate passing game, shows nice timing and touch on his passes, possesses nice footwork
    6th round #185 Virginia Tech SS Aaron Rouse…6’4” 223

    Combine measurements:

    *4.53 40
    1.53 10-yard dash
    2.6 20-yard dash
    *6.81 3-cone drill
    *4.19 short-shuttle
    35” vertical
    *10’1” long jump
    16 reps of 225

    *Pro-Day measurements

    The Skinny Huge, athletic SS who offers immediate, special teams production, is raw as he switched from OLB to SS in college, offers tremendous potential
    7th round #193 Northwestern Oklahoma State NT LaRon Harris…6’2” 350

    Pro-Day measurements:

    1.74 10-yard dash
    33 reps of 225
    33.5” vertical

    The Skinny Humongous NT w/ surprising athleticism, immediately after finishing his exercises, Harris did a back flip, was originally recruited by Tennessee, even appearing in 4 games for the Volunteers as a Red shirt sophomore
    7th round #215 Baylor CB Anthony Arline…6’2” 199

    Combine measurements:

    4.43 40
    1.46 10-yard dash
    2.58 20-yard dash
    *36” vertical
    *10’5” long jump
    4.46 20-yard shuttle
    7.02 3-cone drill
    12 reps of 225

    *Pro-Day measurements

    The Skinny Tall, athletic corner who was apart of an underrated BU tandem, proved to be smooth in his turns at the Hula Bowl and used his long arms to great effect
    7th round #218 Hawaii RB Nate Ilaoa…5’9” 245

    Combine measurements:

    4.77 40
    1.63 10-yard dash
    2.75 20-yard dash
    25 reps of 225
    4.42 short-shuttle
    7.10 3-cone drill
    30” vertical
    8’7” long jump

    The Skinny Intriguing back that actually began his UH career as a WR, went over 1,000 yards as both a rusher and receiver for his career, including averaging 7.5 yards a carry his final 2 years and 10.8 yards a catch, better projects to FB in the pros where his rushing and receiving skills can make him a threat, needs to stay healthy

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