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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by Yeagermeister, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Yeagermeister

    Yeagermeister Active Member

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    If you don't like Madden stay out :D
  2. wesleyc288

    wesleyc288 Believer

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    Ok Guys,

    I say we set up a online franchise so we can all compete against eachother and play out the seasons.

    We should do a fantasy draft and everything. That way we can all have some of the cowboys players on our team.

    What do you say? I definately want to set up a online franchise so i would def. be willing to set one up for the zone......


    BTW..... my gamertag is TexasHeat21 if you want to add me, i also play alot of Call of Duty
  3. DEZBRYANT x88x

    DEZBRYANT x88x Caps8Cowboys41

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    Mine is WILL40CHEA. I havent touched Madden09 in ages. I too play alot of Call of duty and Nhl 09.

    Ok i dont know for sure if they are going to have the fantasy draft in the online mode. I would have to check.
  4. SLATEmosphere

    SLATEmosphere Benched

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    They ALWAYS have fantasy draft in Madden. Pretty much a staple.

    The insane part is having 10-15 people all being part of the draft because it's live. We'll have to find a date where it's convenient for everyone and if you agree and don't show up then your gone.
  5. NextGenBoys

    NextGenBoys Well-Known Member

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    I'm down for a fantasy draft. We'll figure more stuff out once we all get the game. I'm still geekin out on NCAA 10
  6. DEZBRYANT x88x

    DEZBRYANT x88x Caps8Cowboys41

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    I just downloaded the demo. never got the the game, but i loved the demo.

    Yeah we would have to wait till the game comes out to get the lowdown on everything.
  7. 187beatdown

    187beatdown Lack of Big Plays

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    I'm down for this. I think I had about a 17-4 record in Madden until my 360 broke.

    bleedBLUESILVER was my name I think.

    I should be getting a new one soon, I stupidly voided my warranty by going into the thing and trying the 'X Clamp fix' using cheap tools.
  8. CoachHodnett

    CoachHodnett Play-calling is an Art

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    If this is PS3, I'm in!

    My Online name is CoachHodnett and I usually play once a night.
  9. DEZBRYANT x88x

    DEZBRYANT x88x Caps8Cowboys41

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    I think most of us are on the xbox. We would have to get a ps3 league going too.
  10. The Ominous

    The Ominous Dead Man Stalkin

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    Yeah, NCAA 10 is a blast. It has a few technical issues, but I still love it quite a bit.

    Count me in on this Madden stuff as well...
  11. peplaw06

    peplaw06 That Guy

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    GT: NeMeSiS2423

    I think I played one game of Madden last year, cause I was playing NCAA 09 so much. But I'm planning on getting back into it this year.
  12. Muhast

    Muhast Newo

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    I'm in!
  13. texbumthelife

    texbumthelife Well-Known Member

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    I am in for an online Franchise, though I don't think they allow fantasy drafted teams into online Franchise mode.

    G/T: inkassassin911
  14. SharutoX

    SharutoX I Love Quiznos

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    I'm in for online franchise also.

    GT: tonyriceroni
  15. Alumni2k11

    Alumni2k11 Old Dominion University (Class of 2011)

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    If a PS3 league is setup, I'm JLAZeroSeven.
  16. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    Im down for a league on XBOX 360

    Barbarian024 is my name

    I really hope these guys fixed Man coverage and the stupid suction blocking.
  17. DEZBRYANT x88x

    DEZBRYANT x88x Caps8Cowboys41

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    Been working on my wildcat setup.

    Felix broke one for 60 earlier.
  18. adbutcher

    adbutcher K9NME

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    I might can swing some time. I haven't played Madden in a while but I am willing to get back on the horse.

    GT: KwisatzHaderach
  19. DEZBRYANT x88x

    DEZBRYANT x88x Caps8Cowboys41

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    Cant let this get too far behind.
  20. Ren

    Ren Well-Known Member

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    Better late then never (just saw this)

    I'm inn 360

    GT: Dolemite2k

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