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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DEMARC0MURRAY29, Oct 27, 2013.

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    I've seen Dez play his heart out from the very beginning of his career, even when this team went 6-10. Go back and look at the film and see how many people on that team quit to see what it really looks like.
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    You whiffed on the point. We couldn't throw a hail mary on the last play.
    I've seen Dez curiously standing on the sideline on the 4th quarter...on numerous occasions...after pulling himself out of the game. Brad and Lauf commented on it with dismay. But don't let the facts get in your way.

    And today was just one more instance of how he let down his teammates.

    But you boys who are quitting on the entire team and pouting over this loss...I see you've got yourselves a perfect poster child.
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    Put Dez on the lions team and he'll perform just like Calvin!

    The damn offense needs to stop playing scared! The damn offense needs to care about winning just as much as Dez does!!!
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    Who is that?
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    Boy has this site been split on this.
    Yesterday I got the look in the mirror comment from a Dez supporter because of a man child statement. Heck I'm a 60 year old grandfather of six. I've spent a lot of time looking in the mirror. That's something Dez has yet to do. That said I think he is taking too much heat in the local and national media.

    Here on this site the defenders seem to
    LOOK at it rather one sided.

    Lets hope the locker room is handling it better.

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