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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Captain, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. Biggems

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    Barry was hurt much of the year, then traded, then had to sit out.....He was awesome these last two games.....and should have been used all series.....had he been used like this in the first 3 games, the Spurs may have pulled off game 1........

    Barry will be back next year, and I look for him to be Parker's backup. I like the versatility he brings as our backup PG.
  2. MC KAos

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    i think we would have been pretty solid if tiago didnt decide to stay in europe for more money, oh well. we dont really have any assets besides the big three to trade for a scorer, so we are gonna have to find someone in free agency or the draft. i would love to have brandon rush, but i dont think he will fall that low, but you never know
  3. trickblue

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    For my mental health... God help me...

    God says: Lakers are better... deal with it...

    Shout out to Danny White...
  4. UVAwahoos

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    I really liked the Spurs chances in the series so it must be disappointing for the diehard fans. I feel your pain on that.

    As for Barry, I agree that he will be back, but I can't commend him at all because he may have done well, but he made the biggest mistake ever by not jumping into Fisher and attempting that 3 once Fisher was in the air. It would have been a guaranteed call. I have NO IDEA why he tried to really avoid the foul in essence and shoot around Fisher.

    If I were a Spurs fan, I doubt I would ever be able to forgive him for that since it's something that is taught from like age 10. Every shooter in the league knows that's how you a draw a foul. Barry was lucky that Fisher made the mistake of could he not capitalize? It's not just horrible, but may be the single most incompetent play I've ever seen that deep in the playoffs.

    You're probably going to try to defend him or brush off the magnitude of it. Sure, there are things that they could've done to avoid being in that position in the first place, but in the end if he gets 3 free throws...your team is still playing.
  5. UVAwahoos

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    I'm sure it's real convenient to be a Lakers fan. All you had to do was tear down your Bulls posters from the 90s and hang some Lakers ones up in their place.
  6. gazmc_06

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    Tough end to your season guy's, I've no doubt you'll be back again next year though. You guy's had the big lead again last night, but we were able to pull it back through the bench and then let Kobe finish it off.

    You will no doubt add players to help your team in the off-season and come back next year, hopefully we see you in the west finals again. I don' think you guy's or anyone else for that matter has had an answer for Kobe, he's just too hard to stop.
  7. cowheel

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    Spurs didn't lose that game nor the series because of that play.

    They lost because the Lakers are clearly better. Period.
  8. cowheel

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    Realistic? lol
    You agreeing with what Shaq said about Kobe needing a "DOMINANT" big man to win is being realistic?

    Do you watch basketball?
    Did you wach this series?

    Tim Duncan is a dominant big man.
    Gasol is a real good big man.
    You do recognize the difference right?

    Go back and watch the tapes of these 5 games and notice the difference -at the offensive end and defensive end.

    Dominant... :rolleyes:

    Love Pau.
    Thrilled to have him because he's a ridiculous upgrade over Kwame Brown.

    But he's no Hall Of Famer.
  9. ThreeSportStar80

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    All I have to say is how bout' them Lakers! Congrats to the Spurs for a great season though.
  10. Maikeru-sama

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    Sour grapes?

    The Lakers were a better team, period.

  11. DCgirl13

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    Sorry Spurs fans, but I dislike the Lakers more. :banghead: Umm...go celtics?
  12. Biggems

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    where in my post did i say the Lakers werent better in the series? i never did....dont just twist things to fit your perspective trick....

    The fact is, Barry was very effective when he got the playing time in this series. I am not saying the Spurs win the series....I said they probably win game 1 if he gets significant time like he did in games 4 and 5.

    I mean, Manu, Horry, Finley, and Udoka were giving us nothing in that first game and we only lost by 4. I feel Barry could have given us a better opportunity to win game 1.
  13. Biggems

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    So I guess the Jazz fans should forever condemn Russell for allowing Jordan to shove him clear across Salt Lake City and give up the series clinching jumper.

    Barry grew up with the NBA. He learned how the league works from his dad and the other old timers. His job was to get a shot off and try and score....he did that. So he didnt sell the foul hard enough. What if he would have sold it better, fell down and everything, and the refs still didnt blow the whistle. Then everyone would have called him a flopper and called the Spurs a bunch of floppers who can't man up and take the shot, but instead throw themselves on the ground to buy a call.

    So let's say they call the foul. He still has to make 2 FTs (if they had called the foul, it would have been 2 FTs, cause dribbled the ball after the foul and thus negating any continuation). The Lakers still get like one second to shoot and we all remember the .4 shot. And if it goes into OT, there is no guarantee that the Spurs win the game.....

    Too many what ifs. Barry played his butt off in games 4 and 5. He should have gotten more playing time throughout the playoffs.....but Pop being Pop, he kept a tight rope on his rotations.....

    Also, as many of the posters have stated, Fisher's shot hit the rim. The shot clock should have reset on the Lakers previous possession, but it didn't. Now I cannot say if it hit the rim or not. I didnt pay attention when they showed the replay...I was too busy cussing Horry out for letting it go off him and out of bounds instead of catching it.
  14. GhettoxCowboy

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    :laugh2: :lmao2: :laugh2: :lmao2: :laugh2: :lmao2:

    How's Chokewitzki doing? ** Cough**
  15. UVAwahoos

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    Haha love the Horry comment. I can't believe his ancient #@$ was in the game at that point but I don't think there was a stoppage of play so the Spurs couldn't sub out for him. I can't believe a player so clutch aged so quickly. He looked completely lost out there the entire playoffs. He was great in his prime doubt.

    Anyway, I don't think I was very clear with the Barry thing. Basically, the whole purpose of the shot fake/head fake is to get your defender to bite in order to either draw contact while the defender is in the air (and thus has no control of his body) or to clear yourself some room for your real shot. In a situation like that, no defender will ever bite on a head fake because they don't want to foul. You wanna make the team hit a low percentage 3 with just a hand in their face, but Fisher was dumb enough to actually jump and attempt to block Barry's shot fake. Drawing contact while Fisher was in the air is COMPLETELY different from flopping. All Barry had to do, is what pretty much every shooter in a refereed game from little league on does, and that is just lean into the defender while he's in the air and then attempt your shot with the contact. That would equate to 3 free throws because it's a shooting foul and since Barry shoots over 90%, it would have been game over barring a miracle. I understand that the Fisher's shot on the other end hit the rim so none of this should have happened anyway, but it's still a shame that Barry made one of the most inept plays ever. Drawing contact is certainly not flopping.

    Essentially, all Barry proved is that you should never, under any circumstance, draw up a play for a white guy not named "Larry Bird" at the end of a game (and probably at any point in a game).
  16. cowheel

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    lol... you know Kobe like that? Never met the dude myself.
    ...and I really don't care to meet him.

    I'm a fan - love to watch him play ball.... but i could care less about what kind of attitude he has or about whether or not he has the ability to make friends in his spare time.

    I think it's pretty sad for grown men to sit on their couches 5000 miles away from these people.... and make pass judgement on them based solely on what little they see or hear about these guys' personally on TV.

    Love watching Kobe play basketball.
    Have no desire to hang out with him.

    So what the heck should I or anyone esle who doesn't know him personally care about his friendship skills?
  17. MC KAos

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    its going to be an interesting off season for the spurs, but realistically i expect them to sign the old *** players again, draft a euro that will never play for them, and ya, same old crap, but hopefully they prove me wrong
  18. UVAwahoos

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    To each his own. You like watching him play ball, while a great majority of people outside of LA do not. People, in general, route for superstars regardless of team allegiance. General fans of the game want to see players like Lebron and Wade have brilliant games. This is not so much the case with Kobe. The Colorado incident, combined with the Shaq saga and the offseason and preseason drama of him complaining about a team make up that he himself forced and then willingly signed an extended contract to play for is pretty much all myself, and most others (including endorsers) needed to know.

    I'm glad you enjoy watching him play, and most have to respect his game (hence the MVP award), but that in no way justifies your oversimplified argument of "friendship skills" being a false deterrent.
  19. peplaw06

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    I used to be one of Kobe's harshest critics. I despised everything he did. He was an arrogant jerk who acted like everyone should bow down to the Throne of Kobe.

    But since this season has started I've noticed a change in him. He smiles a lot more, he seems to be more personable, and he's been very humble -- or at least was in front of the cameras -- in what was arguably his best season ever.

    His press conference when he won the MVP was the solidification of his changes in my mind. They were talking on Mike & Mike this morning about today being the one year anniversary of Kobe going on 3 interviews and saying he wanted out of LA. The YouTube video where he ripped his teammates went up around that time. Watching him the other day at the MVP presser was like it was two completely different people. I actually have found him to be a likeable guy the past few months, and he was anything but his whole career until now.

    And it's a good thing too, because attitude or not, he is probably the second best player of all time... and a close second at that IMO. Now it doesn't hurt me to admit that.
  20. UVAwahoos

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    I completely agree with what you are saying and I do see these same changes, but I just still feel like they are overtly superficial in the sense that he would certainly turn on these guys he now refers to as his "brothers" if Gasol went down with an extended injury and things started to look bleak again.

    Winning has a lot to do with attitude changes that you're talking about. There are gracious players like Garnett (Minny days) and Lebron who stay loyal and always defend their teammates, even when it's clear that they want to stab most of them in eye, and then there are players like Kobe who have no problem throwing guys under the bus as soon as tough times hit.

    Lebron actually has an excuse because he did not ask for his situation. Bad front office management actually created it, and surrounded him with no talent as a result.

    Kobe, with his Shaq-or-me ultimatum, was confident he could do it alone, but actually exposed himself as one who needs help just like any other great player on a championship team. Once he realized it, he threw a fit and wanted out from a team that bent over backwards to appease him.

    The Gasol trade changed things, but if it never happened, this "new Kobe" would not have happened either.

    Anyway, you have a good perspective on the matter so hopefully I can get to your point of soon because it looks like Kobe will win it all this year, and I currently cannot stand that fact. Unfortunately for me, that won't change the inevitable.

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