Official San Antonio Spurs Thread

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Captain, Dec 8, 2007.

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    Iceman, probably one of the coolest nicknames ever. ;)

    Okay, puns aside, seriously, I like the nickname.
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    ya, seriously old thread, but it was actually a bad game for the spurs, they were up 19 in the first quarter and needed OT and a miracle play by ginobili to win the game, i was happy with the win but dissapointed they didnt put them away early, specially with duncan getting the night off.

    having said that their play recently has been very encouraging, duncan and ginobili seem to be back in form and with the additions and emergence of younger, more athletic players like hill, jefferson and, of course, dejuan blair, we should be able to give the lakers a good fight so long as we stay healthy. Unfortunately, it was announced today that TP9 has plantar facitis(sp?) and all spurs fans remember that stuff from 06 with duncan! so hopefully it wont affect parker as much

    BTW i have a mancrush on Dejuan Blair!! thank u rest of the league for passing on this kid b4 the spurs first pick!!

    edit: i just realized u were talking about the lakers game last night, lol sorry i was referring to the game VS the Thunder tonight

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