*** Official Super Bowl XLIII: Cardinals vs Steelers Thread***

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by kmp77, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Bob Sacamano

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  2. saphire1

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    please, eli made enough plays last year to win the superbowl.

    more than a year ago and the denial in here is still unbelievable.
  3. CutMeMick

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    This was a classic game, & the calls evened out in the end.Stop with the LOSER whining already- it's totally unbecoming of Cowboy fans. Fact is, Ben Rothlesburger is nowhere near the natural "talent" that Romo is, & neither is Eli. Yet here they sit, winning games, making clutch plays when they matter, while Romo's at home eating Doritos with some fat chick!
    I'll lay odds that Eli gets his 2nd ring, just like Big Ben did today, before Romo ever sniffs a Super Bowl.
    Moreover, I bet Jerruh sees no problem with the way he's running this team. Tonite's just another reason to make me more P I $$ ED off than ever!:bang2:
  4. fruitsnax

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    That may have been one of the best super bowls that I have watched. Larry Fitz, Santonio Holmes....both teams played really well and it was very exciting.

    Congrats to the Steelers (even if they left the Cowboys in the #2 spot for all time SB's)
  5. DCgirl13

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    Ughh...I so wanted the game to be called fairly, but it wasn't.

    In the end though, the Cards should have never let them march all the way down the field for the game winning TD.

    I also think the last play was a forward pass and the Cards should have had another shot.

    And that number 92, what a dooshbag.
  6. The Panch

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    It's not the same. Eli should've been picked off 3 times on that drive. Roethlisberger's only bad throw was the 1st pass to Santonio in the endzone.
  7. DallasEast

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    The last best Super Bowl I saw was Super Bowl XXXII, Broncos/Packers. This Super Bowl? Not so much.
  8. BraveHeartFan

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    Fun game to watch, exciting, Fitz is amazing, Holmes was great in the clutch but the one really big question I have is why the booth didn't seem to call a timeout to the game and look at that final play on the fumble.

    I honestly thought that was one of those plays that they'd normally call an incomplete pass.

    If they had reversed that, and added on the penalty, I'd like to have seen if Warner could have found Fitz for a game winning jump ball.

    Oh well.
  9. CutMeMick

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    Yes- & we "SHOULDA" been Champions 2 years running!

    Why stop there? Romo shoulda been MVP last year, & TO this year!

    Jerruh is Execuutive of the Year & Wade's Coach of the Year!
    Yup- makes perfect sense to loser, whining "fans" on this forum!:bow:
  10. cowboys#1

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    i skipped game what happened?
  11. saphire1

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    eh, coulda, woulda, shoulda.... all useless stuff.

    you knw what actually happened? what actually happend in that game was that eli made an amazing escape on what is surely to be a sack and would have sealed the game for the pats, found tyree and made a good throw. later on, he found plax and threw the game winning td.

    what do you want eli to do after throwing those bad passes? sit on the bench and cry like a girl until the game is over?! no, he actually manned up and made plays when he needed to. just like what ben did today.

    you could play diff plays on your mind everyday of your life but it wouldnt change what happened. what actually happened is what youre gonna live through, not what you think would have happend or what you want to happen.

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