***Official Troy Aikman HOF Announcement Thread*** (Speech Transcript included)

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 5, 2006.

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    I thought Aikman's speech was representative to a "T" of how he played QB. It was planned in detail and methodically executed. It was predominantly about others. I actually thought the comment about playing in a system that didn't help his numbers was out of character for him. But he certainly didn't harp on it.

    I continue to be impressed by his continually standing by Michael and by his steadfast support of Jerry Jones in spite of all the frustrations that I know Jones in his ignorance caused him.

    Having Norv present him just speaks VOLUMES about his loyalty to Norv. They were only together 3 years!!

    I think Troy is probably on eof the few that saw both Jimmy & Jerry for who they really were. Embraced the good in each and rarely called them out on the bad. He is kind and supportive of Jimmy without worshipping him as so many do. I think he's right on.

    He always takes as high a road as his integrity will allow him with Barry Switzer, calling him one of colleges greatest coaches without disparaging him for the struggles in Dallas.

    I never though about his lack of mentioning Chan Gailey til someone posted here about it. But I honestly doubt he hated the guy. He probably just felt the guy didn't advance his career and stayed silent as a result. He also didn't mention Campo and I seriously doubt there are any hard feelings there.

    Class really is the right word for Aikman. Total, total, class.

    Even though Aikman got emotional a couple times I still found his speech, though genuine and highly supportive of others to be very, very unemotional. To the degree that he is emotional I think its a different manifestation of emotion than what I typically see. Can't really put my finger on it. Remember the Skins game late in the season when he gathered his personnel around him on the sidelines for kind of a pep talk late in the game, then they held hands, during a final FG attempt or something? The Dallas media made a big deal about it being so out of character for Troy. For some reason his HOF speech makes me think how right they were. I don't mean that at all as a criticism. He just has a certain emotional detachment about him that I find interesting in light of how gracious he is in giving credit to others.
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    I missed Carson's speech.

    I thought Rayfield was great. A truly impressive man.

    While I give Al Davis all the credit he deserves for his impact on pro football, I thought his presentation of Madden was much more about Davis tooting the Raiders horn, than Madden himself. And I thought his style somehow bordered on disrespect for the other great organizations and people in the NFL. I thought it was a shame that Davis on a day when most others embrace across organizational lines still considers the Raider family to be above all. No other speaker sent that message. I was embarrassed for him.

    Madden's speech was ok. He had some truly fine accomplishments. Nothing special stood out other than his loyalty to Davis. I'm not convinced that Davis heart is in the right spot - but maybe it is.

    Moon's speech was fine. I appreciated the chronicles of his journey as a black QB and have a greater appreciation of him as a result. I admired his gracefully deliberate recognition of the contribution of his ex-wife. It was much classier than John Elway's induction where he acted as if his ex-wife never existed.

    Reggie White was a great football player and by all accounts a greater man. I cannot imagine how moving and meaningful that induction must have been for his son, his widow, and his family. They were very, very dignified.
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    Lastly, I think it is so cool that the HOF induction presents a fabulous opportunity for people's lives, their decisions, their motives and their purposes to be shared openly with others. I love to hear what makes other people tick and to hear their own reflections on their challenges after having some time to reflect on them.

    I love funerals for the same reason.

    Daily life is so stinking frantic, hectic, superficial and busy that it often drowns out the real substance of people, their wrestles, their failures, regrets, victories etc. I love it when people get together to talk about real life. HOF induction speeches often do that.
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    Praise God I have been allowed to live 52 yrs., ... I don't think I have ever seen or heard anyone say that.


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