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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Lord Sun, Jun 6, 2004.

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    Paper picks Colts as NFL's top team

    The annual offseason rankings by the Dallas Morning News.

    1. INDIANAPOLIS: One by one, quarterback Peyton Manning has shed the layers of criticism that enveloped his NFL career. The Colts won 12 games last season with the second-youngest lineup in the NFL.

    2. NEW ENGLAND: On paper, the Patriots remain the best team in the NFL.

    3. PHILADELPHIA: The Eagles signed free-agent Pro Bowlers Terrell Owens and Jevon Kearse.

    4. KANSAS CITY: The Chiefs won 13 games a year ago and return 21 of their starters.

    5. SEATTLE: This is the best team Mike Holmgren has coached since the 1997 Packers.

    6. GREEN BAY: Roster is strong enough that Brett Favre no longer has to carry the Packers.

    7. NEW ORLEANS: In the past six years everyone in the NFC South except the Saints have been to the Super Bowl.

    8. CAROLINA: Jake Delhomme emerged as a big-game quarterback in the playoffs.

    9. ST. LOUIS: Kurt Warner is gone, leaving coach Mike Martz (and quarterback Marc Bulger) without a safety net.

    10. TENNESSEE: Having NFL co-most valuable player Steve McNair at quarterback is a huge edge on game day.

    11. ATLANTA: Mike Vick is back, and so is Super Bowl talk.

    12. PITTSBURGH: Even a top-10 defense couldn't prevent a losing season in 2003.

    13. DETROIT: The Lions have enjoyed the NFL's best offseason.

    14. JACKSONVILLE: Coach Jack Del Rio put his stamp on the defense in his first season.

    15. MIAMI: The defense has been Super Bowl-ready for years, but the offense...

    16. HOUSTON: An offense to contend is in place with QB David Carr, HB Domanick Davis and WR Andre Johnson.

    17. BALTIMORE: The Ravens return 21 starters from AFC North champions.

    18. DALLAS: The Cowboys might have greater uncertainty at running back and cornerback.

    19. DENVER: Broncos now rely on defense.

    20. MINNESOTA: How do you start a season 6-0 and miss the playoffs?

    21. BUFFALO: The Bills fielded the AFC's best defense in 2003, but had no offensive playmakers.

    22. CINCINNATI: Taking the ball away from veteran quarterback Jon Kitna and putting it in the hands of Carson Palmer could be a step back.

    23. TAMPA BAY: Let's see if Jon Gruden can win with his own players.

    24. NY JETS: Missing Chad Pennington for the first six games of 2003 doomed them.

    25. CLEVELAND: The Browns put quarterback controversy behind them by signing Jeff Garcia.

    26. WASHINGTON: Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs is back with the Redskins.

    27. OAKLAND: Norv Turner gets a chance to revive his head-coaching career.

    28. CHICAGO: The Bears also will be very young on defense.

    29. SAN FRANCISCO: Points will be harder to come by in 2004.

    30. SAN DIEGO: LaDainian Tomlinson is arguably the best player in football.

    31. NY GIANTS: A league-high nine starters are gone from that disappointing 2003 team.

    32. ARIZONA: The optimism rides with the arrival of Dennis Green as coach.
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    Those ratings are awful :confused:
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    I may or may not accept Philly ranked at three, but they have cornerback uncertainty of their own yet no mention. Hunter while not a given is a veteran player. It's not like we are putting in a first year rookie in there. The coaching staff watch these players day in day out in practice. The fact that Mario could have been resigned tells you that the coaches didn't see much of a difference between the two meaning we're not much worse off at cornerback than last year. Getting Donald Mitchell back restores depth in the nickel. Thornton will have to show something to stabilize the CB position with the hope of a vet maybe being added in free agency.

    As for the RB position, we have no less uncertainty than last year. In fact we are clearly more talented in Hambrick vs J Jones. J Jones produced in college and seems to have straightened out his head. Hambrick was just a guy...
  4. jamez25

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    houston and detroit ranked ahead of Dallas and washington... this guy is an idiot
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    Man, I counted 7 teams that did not make the playoffs last year, that have leapfrogged the Ravens and Cowboys. Including the Texans. That is just too ridiculous for words.
  6. jterrell

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    Typical overrating of off-season moves.

    Detroit had a great draft but that is not likely to carry them from a crappy team in a single season. Harrington is still a bigger question mark than QC by a mile. That team will be lucky to win 7 games and 8 is probably a high water mark.

    Houston keeps adding names to the offense, they need to add production. Carr hasnt been anything to get excited about up to this point. The Texans took some older guys in the expansion draft and those players are almost all gone. The ones that remain like Aaron Glenn and Marcus Coleman are not playing at the same evel they did earlier in their careers. Houston needs to hit on some stars with these early draft picks. Up to this point they havent.

    Dallas being rated 18th is fine, on PAPER. They werent even that high on paper last year. Having BP pushes them up about 5 spots to be sure. To claim there is more uncertianty at RB is a joke. BP will play Richie there and let Julius slowly assume the lead role. We wont be adding any guys who have been retired for 2 seasons to come in and start games.

    Rating the Colts first is just silly. Manning is a great QB, but he has next to no help on that young team. The Colts keep losing free agents and cant pay anyone but Manning/Harrison. They will remain good behind those guys and Dungy's defense but not Super Bowl good.

    I hate Philly but you have to rate them 1st or 2nd after an off-season that brought them the two biggest free agent names at the teams two biggest positions of need. They could get bumped off like Adriana but they are an early favorite to be sure.
  7. jamez25

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    They could get bumped off like Adriana but they are an early favorite to be sure.

    clearly a dark day in my life...still remember those pics of her in her tennis outfit. :(
  8. jterrell

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    She'll be in alot more stuff soon. The Sopranos made her a star. I am fairly certian whatever she is in will include some nice clothing options.
  9. big dog cowboy

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    Give me a friggin break. #18???????
  10. ghettogandhi

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    this is the most ridiculous ranking since I asked my little sister to rank the power puff girls-

    this guy hasnt got a clue
  11. InmanRoshi

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    I disagree most with the Pittsburgh ranking. I think they could be horrible this year.
  12. blindzebra

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    Goose always takes a, "See I'm not a homer," stance.

    I'm sorry, but any ranking is stupid in June. But this one is way out there.

    I almost think he over-ranked a lot of teams, so he can say," I predicted a worse to first," season.
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    1. Bubbles
    2. Blossum
    3. Buttercup
  14. Lord Sun

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    AJM is the one who has no clue.

    1. Bubbles
    2. Buttercup
    3. Blossom
  15. jay cee

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    I totally agree with your assessment, JT.
  16. EveryoneElse

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    They are just someone's opinion.

    I happen to think it will be very difficult for us to even come close to what we did last year. Parcell's has a plan, but I don't think his plan is Super Bowl this year.

    1. Pete Hunter is far from a lock to play oposite from Newman and be successful.
    2. J.Jones is a Rookie and has to prove he can play.
    3. We didn't upgrade the QB position as far as this year goes.
    4. We have two 30 something WRs and one young guy...all have to prove they can/still play at a high level.
    5. Special teams was aweful last year....we bring in two rookie punters!?!
    6. There's a chance our pass rush will be painfully average again this year.

    There are a lot of things that still need upgrading before we can be considered a superbowl contender imo....Don't get me wrong, I hope we win the superrbowl this year, just like you guys....but I am realistic.
  17. speedkilz88

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    1. Bill Parcell's has seen how much Hunter has developed and thinks he is ready so I think "far from a lock is a little much"
    2. Runningback is the one position that it is common for a rookie to come in and play exceptionally well. They either have the instincts or not.
    3. Last season Parcells didn't have another option at qb if Quincy performed badly. This season he has Vinny, that is an upgrade this year.
    4. Keyshawn has put up 1,000 yards most of his career and would of last season if not for the suspension. He doesn't need to prove he can still play at a high level, he hasn't shown that he can't. Glenn is still a solid player but the team will be better off if Bryant beats him out this year.(I think he will)
    5. The punters are first year players and Hoffman has done well with those types for years.(Matt McBriar will be the guy) Last season they went the veteran route and look where that got them. The special teams will be a lot better this season, its obvious that Parcells is looking at improving it this year.
    6. Our pass rush was painfully below average last year because Ekuban sucked in one on one situations. Anyone who has ever seen Wiley play a down knows that that spot won't be a problem this year. Parcells has even commented that he already sees the improvement in the defensive line with the work they have done this offseason.
  18. EveryoneElse

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    Well, then we'll agree to disagree then.

    Pete Hunter hasn't shown me anything since coming into the league that he can be a good CB.....maybe parcells has seen things since he would be the better judge of talent.

    Julious isn't a lock to be a good RB, thats why I said we'll see.

    Just because we brought Vinny in doesn't mean we're better at the position unless he beat Q out.

    I do think Keyshawn has something to prove, I think he has to [prove he's still productive.

    I have no idea who the punter will be, but I'll take your word for it that McBrair is the guy and will improve our special teams.

    Wiley is another guy like Keyshawn that has to prove he can still be productive. RIght now both are just names until they can perform at a high level.
  19. Draako

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    When I see articles like this one, it confirms this writer is not taking everything into consideration. This team has only improved with our off-season acquisitions. Mr. Gosselin conveys to the public the perception America's Team has nothing returning to the #1 Defense in the entire NFL. :mad:
  20. jterrell

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    I pretty much disagree with you in all aspects. PErhaps I'm being a homer but lemme try your points.
    Hunter simply has to be the equal to Mario Edwards for us to break even here. We do get back Donald Mitchell who has a ton of nickel experience. We arent proven here but its not like we were losing a Pro Bowl CB.

    All rookies have to prove they can play but RB is less a gamble than almost any position on the field. I am extremely confident Julius will be the best RB we have had since Emmitt.

    We upgraded QB severely. Vinny is certianly an upgrade over Chutch as the 2. Assuming Carter and Romo are the 1 and 3 we get the benefit of their experience in the same offense.
    Every vet in the league has to prove they can play under that scenario. KJ dioesnt have to be the Pro Bowl player he once was just the possession WR he was at TB. WR is certianly not any worse and potentially much better.
    We were weak in some areas of special teams. Punter was the worst so we made a move there. If these kids stink we can grab a vet after final cuts. Punters dont have to learn the schemes.

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