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    *Resign Flo to 3yr contract - We dont have someone that can over LT yet
    *Resign Hamlin to 5yr contract - He is young and has done a great job
    Resign Barber to 5 yr contract - We should sign him now if we can
    Resign Canty to 5yr contract - Would be nice to get it done

    1st- Antoine Cason (Arizona-CB) - He can replace Henry down the road. Excellent 3rd corner
    1st- Felix Jones (Ark-RB)/Kevin Smith(C Florida-RB) - Need a good complement to Barber
    2nd - Brandon Flowers (Virginia Tech-CB) - Need a good 4th corner in case of injuries and he can also be groomed to start down the road
    3rd – Lavelle Hawkins (California-WR) - Upgrade receiver group
    4th- Jameel McClain (Syracuse-OLB) - Pass rusher
    5th- traded to move up in 3rd
    6th- traded to move up in 3rd
    7th- BPA

    QB – Romo, Johnson
    FB – Anderson, Hoyt
    RB - Barber, Felix Jones/Kevin Smith(1st Round)
    WR - Owens, Glenn, Crayton, Hurd, Stanback, Austin, Lavelle Hawkins (3rd Round)
    TE - Witten, Fassano. Tony Curtis

    LT – Flo (FA), Free
    LG – Kosier, McQuistan
    C – Guorde
    RG – Davis, Proctor
    RT – Columbo, Marten

    RDE – Spears, Ratliff, Bowen
    NT - Ferguson, Johnson
    LDE – Canty, Hatcher

    OLB – Ellis, Spencer
    ILB – James, Carpenter
    ILB – Ayodele, Burdett
    OLB – Ware, Jameel McClain (4th Round)

    CB - Tnew, Antoine Cason (1st Round), Ball
    CB – Henry, Brandon Flowers (2nd Round)
    SS - Roy, Davis, Brown
    FS – Hamlin (FA), Watkins

    I dont see us going with 7 wr, probably 6 and a 3rd RB
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    I think 3 years is to long for flo maybe 1 or 2. I don't like Hamlin to much don't like 5 years. Barber his getting tendered for a 1st and 3rd no need to rush. thought we resigned canty
    trade up for a guy that din't have over 1000 yards as a WR and get rid of two picks so thats essential 3 picks for i'll pass and take an actually good WR like say Donnie Avery that that would be more value for a pick but thats to much to give up for some1 that is average at best.
    I don't see the point of you posting the roster but w/e floats ur boat.
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    I'd like to re-sign Flo and Hamlin as well this off-season. IMO, this should be the priority.

    Worst case we can give both Canty and Barber a high tender, though it would be great to re-sign them as well.

    That said, I don't think Glenn will be around next year. I don't think his knees will hold up.

    I'd like to pick up a (very) good FA WR in the off-season to replace Glenn.

    Also, I'd like to upgrade Reeves this off-season as well in FA with a "decent" number 3 CB. I don't think we need to draft 2 CBs in the first 3 rounds if we do that.

    But I definitely like the idea of taking a CB in Round 1, regardless.
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    I don't mind your draft - I like two corners, a WR and a RB as the first four picks.

    I don't think we need an OLB in the 4th unless he's insanely better than all else. We have Ellis, Ware and Spencer as top flight OLBs and Justin Rogers and Bobby Carpenter were very good on ST. I'd prefer ILB or OG later on in the draft.

    I wouldn't resign Flo for three years. At most, I'd sign him two a 2-year deal, but more likely franchise him. We have three LT's on the roster behind Flo. If they don't think any of them will be able to take over for Flo in 2008 or 2009, then this is for sure the draft to pick up his replacement at #22.

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