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    I was WRONG TwoDeep.

    The Eagle receiver was #81. I used pause to get the guys name. Hard to make out, but I think it was FITZKEE. The fifth letter was difficult to see.
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    :spanking: :abuseme:
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    Definitely my favorite play of all time is the Dorsett 99 yard TD run.

    My favorite plays I saw when I was at Texas Stadium and in attendance the past few years...

    1. 2004 – Vinny Testaverde hits Patrick Crayton for a game-winning TD.
    2. 2002 – Woodrow Dantzler returns a dazzling punt return, hopping down the sideline, against the 49ers.
    3. 2003 – Randall Williams returning the opening ONSIDE kickoff against Philly for the fastest TD in history.
    4. 2004 - Julius' first NFL TD. 30-something yards vs. Chicago on Thanksgiving, bursts through the line, shakes the safeties, and takes it to the house.
    The day after no. 4 happened I bought my JuJo jersey online.
    On the Sunday of no. 3 my friends were late to the game and missed the opening kickoff :iggles:
    I just like to say I was their to watch Dantzlers TD return.
    VT pass to Crayton made me believe about the Foreskins curse when they play us :skins:
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    It was Davis. Was his name Kenneth?

    One of my faves was during an early 80's game against the Raiders when
    Danny White handed off to Ron Springs, who ran left, stopped and passed across the field to Danny White in the End Zone. One of Tom's fun plays.
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    Scott Fitzkee.
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    Ding Ding!!! You've got a winner!!

    Adam is right... it was Scott Fitzkee, who was a freakin SPRINTER at Penn State!!

    A few other points...

    Herschel's 60yd TD run in overtime vs the Patriots was in 1987, not 86.

    Ed Jones again batted Phil Simms' pass into Jim Jeffcoat's arms who promptly returned it for a TD two years later on Monday Night Football... although it was a considerably shorter return the second time around.

    Ron Springs was not the one who sprung TD on his 99 yard run, as he was the missing man on the field. Remember, Tony ran onto the field yelling "Ron, Ron, come out, come out!". The key block was thrown by Tom Rafferty on the NT.

    The JJ TD vs Seattle was awesome... I was in the crowd and I was going bananas that night...
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    Excellant list Manster, here is my list of favorites.

    1) 1974 – Clint Longley hits Drew Pearson for a game-winning touchdown against the Redskins on Thanksgiving. (A holiday classic, then Clint rode off into the sun set after that off season)

    2) 1983 (from the 1982 season) – Tony Dorsett runs 99 yards for a TD with only 10 men on the field.(Probably my favorite TD memory)

    3) (Tie) 1992 NFC Championship Game – Troy Aikman hits Alvin Harper on a 71-yard pass play. (An incredible game, the following SB was pure aftermath)

    3) (Tie) 1975 Divisional Playoff – Drew Pearson catches the Hail Mary pass from Roger Staubach. (Love to watch Drew run with the ball.)

    5) 2003 – Randall Williams returning the opening ONSIDE kickoff against Philly for the fastest TD in history.(Stuff that in your pickle juice.)

    The one moment you didn't mention was one I cherish, after an interception Larry Allen ran down the safty with the ball preventing a sure touch down. I never remember the game other than I am almost sure it was a MNF game in LA's second or third year.

    The one I found hard to pick one moment in particular was when Emmitt was closing out the Giants game(last game of 91?) to cement a playoff berth and was runing out the clock despite a separated shoulder. I think his last run Michael Irvin when picked him up off the ground. It was a gutty performace but may not count as a moment exactly, but it was for me.

    Since TD is here how about an anti-moment, when Tom was crying out "Danny no"!

    A lot of memorys in this post.
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    Joe, that Larry Allen play was week 16 (game 15) of the 1994 season. This was Larry Allen's rookie season. The play took place in the first quarter - after Tony Tolbert picked off a Chris Evert (opps, Jim Everett) pass and returned it for a TD (oh, here is another SWEET PLAY).

    Anyway, when Dallas got the ball back, near midfield, Aikman threw an uncharacteristically bad pass that went right to linebacker DARIAN CONNER. Conner races down the left sideline and Larry Allen ran him down.

    What I remember most is Al Michaels and Dan Dierdorf exclamating "LARRY ALLEN!!!"

    It was tough to list all of the SWEET plays in Cowboy history. Some were bound to slip through the cracks.
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    Oh bunches no doubt, when LA goes into the HOF, which would be a sweet moment for Dallas fans despite the HOF notable lack of discrimenability towards 90s Boys, that is what I hope thay show as a clip. That and knocking White on his butt both as an Iggle and a Packer. LOL
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    You know, as far as beating the krap out of Reggie White, I tend to credit most of that to Erik Williams. I will go to my grave believing that Erik Williams, before his accident in 1994, was better than Larry Allen.

    Nov. 1, 1992 Erik Williams was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance against the Eagles (namely Reggie White). He is the only offensive lineman to achieve that.

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