Ok Guys, may have found our Backup NT Brian Soi Supplemental Drft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jul 6, 2007.

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    Lemme ask -- was there testing then? I'm not trying to question your character here -- just interested in what the situation was at the time. If there was no testing, I can't see how some 20 year old kid could be expected to keep away.

    BTW - The governor of my state is an admitted user of dianabol.
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    Yes, there was testing, but I never took a test because it was only done during the season, not the off season, and I got hurt in the off season. It was in its infancy for steroids I believe and I honestly think coaches from just about every program knew they had players using and turned a blind eye to it.

    I remember someone telling me "you must love playing for a clean program." My response was, "what's clean about it?" I didn't say that tongue in cheek. I knew who Dr. Feelgood for the team was. I just didn't use his "services." Everyone knew.

    I believe they now test even in the off season so it is much harder for guys to cycle their use. I could be wrong about that though. I honestly am not sure. There are also so many undetectable drugs now that the Feds aren't on to. If there hadn't been a sample from someone inside Balco I doubt those drugs could be screened. I seriously doubt Balco is the only synthetic producing supplier.

    With regards to 20 year olds governing themselves I will simply say this. Most schools do have you sign a conduct policy and those policies generally outline what will not be tolerated and drug use from legal and illegal drugs is specified. Players know what is right and wrong.
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    I think our future NT is already on the team. I'd like to see Jay Ratliff take over for Ferguson in 2008. He's already got good size for the position at 6-4 305. I think Phillips should give him plenty of snaps this preseason and see how he handles it. I don't have much confidence in Stanley and I'd hate to use a high pick on a NT next year.

    Here's Ratliff sacking Brunell last year. :laugh1:

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    Hindsight is 20-20...BUT...

    we should have drafted someone in the 4th round ....

    We gotta get one more season out of Ferg.
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    i have jeff's number.
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    We are not seeing the kind of front-office execution we need....

    Bill would have done something about this.

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