OK...it's 2007...who's our QB?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Portland Fanatic, Aug 29, 2005.

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    Aw Cmon, your taking all the fun out of this thread. :)

    Seriously, now that you've got me thinking about it. As it stands now i will say ROMO, but i think parcells may draft a QB over the next 2 years. But there is no guarantee that person will be ready to play in 2007.
  2. dbair1967

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    why is everyone in such a hurry to get to another season all the time?

    we havent even played one regular season game in 2005, and people want to thnik about who the QB is in 2007 already?

  3. dbair1967

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    shouldnt he show he knows how to pass first? wouldnt that be more important?

  4. Doomsday101

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    You noticed that as well? LOL I'm ready for this season. I'll worry about 2007 when it gets here.
  5. royhitshard

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    He will need to learn to throw the football with consistency. Very athletic, but probably do better in the NFL as WR, not QB.
  6. NorTex

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    Bledsoe will only be 35 years old in 2007, so I would expect him to be playing here and hopefully leading us to the playoffs for the third year in a row.
  7. The30YardSlant

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    Carry on
  8. ConcordCowboy

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  9. Letemburn

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    YOU ARE WRONG, the correct answer is...


    Now, please carry on :)
  10. Billy Bullocks

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    I think Henson will continue to develope. Someone made a good post about it, I think it was Rack..

    He's been here for 2 offsesasons now, most rookie QB's dont do well until their 2nd or 3rd season. Taking into consideration that he hasnt played that long, you can almost scrap that 1st year and count that as college. I almost view him as a rookie because of his long absence to the game. Just like Carson Palmer sat on the bench his rookie year, I think it will benefit Henson to get more accustomed to making reads and getting reps in practice.

    If he is still struggling next offseason, we still have Romo and Bledsoe. I don't think Romo will be a starter for us. He has played well in the pre season, I'm just not sure that he has what it takes though. Henson sure hasn't shown it yet either, so I'm not one of those guys who will sit here and just bash Romo because I tink Henson can develope into our starter. Romo deserves to be #2 on the roster, he's shown that, at this point, he is the second best QB we have.

    Bledsoe should be our starter the next 2 seasons...so if Henson or Romo don't show enough this season, or in the offseason next year, we will be able to draft a QB or get one by some other means in the offseason. I think we have to give both Romo and Henson another year. Although I think it is unfair to put Romo and Henson in the same boat right now. Henson has played 1 year less in this league, and less college footballl. Id say give him 1 more year at least. But after that, I have to agree, the excuses have to stop. We cant stop gap for 5 years until Henson might be ready. He needs to show something within the next year
  11. The30YardSlant

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    I wouldnt have a problem with either, but Jacobs is the more polished player right now.
  12. Phoenix-Talon

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    Troy Aikman rips off his tie, takes off his sports jacket and grabs the microphone on National TV and announces ...that he can't take it any longer, he's had a long talk with BP and they've agreed to a 1 year contract for 4 million dollars --to become the next QB for the 2007 Dallas Cowboys!:rolleyes:

    He probably could do it too!
  13. ·[A]koN·

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    I'll turn into a Redskins fan if this happens....(i'm 100% positive, it wont thats why i take da risk) lol :p:
  14. Portland Fanatic

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    LOL....if that's where we are at in 2007...we are in a sad state! Frankly, that's what scares me...but hey...2007 is years and years away...let's just have fun with what we have this year!
  15. Phoenix-Talon

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    Ok, Ok, I wouldn't wish that on anyone!:rolleyes:
  16. big dog cowboy

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    This poll is actually much closer than I thought.
  17. Phoenix-Talon

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  18. cml750

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    :lmao2: Well Troy is just about the right age for Tuna but he seems to only like old QB's who have previously played for him.
  19. RoysAHitta

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    i'd have to scan a list of players who left football for baseball yet still want to try football because they suck at baseball... all this to just discover that in the end they suck at both sports.
  20. Jimz31

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    Neither.....been saying it for awhile.

    Although, I honestly hope that one of them becomes it....I just don't think that either is.

    So, the bottom line for me is that all of this arguing is much ado about absolutely NOTHING.

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