Ok My First Draft, series one, kick it around,

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. cowboyjoe

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    Ok, lets get some things out of the way. We should have 2 compensation picks so i am going to add them in, 5th and 6th rounds. Then, I am going to trade Roy Williams for a 4th round pick and add that in. Then, I am going to trade Patrick Crayton in the draft for a 3rd rounder, add that in too.

    2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 4th, 5th, 5th, 5th comp pick, 6th, 6th comp pick, 7th, 7th

    Now with that out of the way, we trade one of the 5th and the 6th to move up in the draft. That leaves the Cowboys with 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 4th, 5th, 5th comp pick, 6th comp pick, 7, 7th.

    Then we take one of the 4th and 7th and move up into the 3rd round.

    2nd Duke Robinson OG
    3rd Larry English or Cody Brown DE/LB
    3rd Mike Wallace WR
    3rd from 4th moving up Eric Wood C
    4th Jason Gilbert DE
    4th Jason Watkins OT
    5th Sammie Hill DT NT
    5th Emanuel Cook S
    6th Andrew Hartline OT
    7th Tom Brandstater QB

    Free agents;
    Javorski Lane FB
    Nate Ness S Arizona
  2. Chris in Arizona

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    I like the Duke Robinson, Larry English, Eric Wood, Jarron Gilbert, Sammie Hill, Emanuel Cook, and Tom Brandstater picks so I'd be very happy with this draft.

    Unfortunately, I think English will go higher than 3rd, Gilbert higher than 4th, and Cook higher than 5th. I also think that's too high for Wallace. I know he's fast but I don't think he has 3rd round talent. Watkins is scary week so I'd pass.
  3. jday

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    May I have some?
  4. DFWJC

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    Not bad at all, but maybe a tad unrealistic. I'd take most of it if the players were still available in those slots.
  5. jday

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    So there is no confusion, this is in reference to the idea that we could get even a 4th rounder for Roy Williams and/or a 3rd rounder for Crayton. Furthermore, with a limited cap and the resigning of Demarcus Ware likely consuming the fast majority of the cap, I see the Cowboy's actually trying to offload picks, if anything, for future picks and/or moving up in the draft.

    As for your draft:

    2nd Duke Robinson OG - great pick, overall, but I feel we have more pressing needs, he likely won't be available, considered most to be the best OG available in the draft, and, not to shatter your dreams, but the Cowboy's don't, as a general rule, draft OL this early. I could be wrong. I hope I'm not. There is value to be add in the OL on the second day. Defense, on the other hand, has slim pickings.

    3rd Larry English or Cody Brown DE/LB - Larry English at 255 is more suited to play DE in a 4-3 and is too slow to be an OLB in the 3-4. Cody Brown - same problem too slow and too small.

    3rd Mike Wallace WR - I like this pick. Nice size. Nice speed. But his projected round is 5th, due to a dismal 2008 showing. I think we could wait and pick him up later.

    3rd from 4th moving up Eric Wood C - Another good pick if we could get there. My focus in my mock draft has been defense early, so while I won't knock the pick, I wonder how he contributes in his first year. Does he start immediately? If so, where do we put Andre Gurode whose only other natural position would be guard, which already has decent depth?

    4th Jason Gilbert DE - Yet another good pick. I'm not sure if he will still be available, but he definitely seems to be a potentially great baller

    4th Jason Watkins OT - My hopes for the 2009 is that the Cowboy's move from their pass-happy method and take advantage of their talented stable of backs. That have been said, we need faster OL. Guys who can get to the next level and/or lead block for screens and seal the edge for sweeps. Jason has a good size and a good reputation, but he ran 5.47 40 and only lifted 225 18 times, making him one of the weakest OL available. Food for thought...[/B]

    5th Sammie Hill DT NT - Good Pick if you can get him in the 5th. He's projected to go between the 3rd and the 4th. I still prefer Dorell Scott.

    5th Emanuel Cook S - Are you thinking Strong Safety. His height 5-9 and weight 197 is not a good fit for that position. If we wait this late for a Safety, David Bruton (6-2, 219 4.46 40) should also still be available.

    6th Andrew Hartline OT - The only forseeable problem with this pick is his weight. The average in Dallas is 320+. Harline weighed in at 294 in the combine. But with a 6-5 frame, I'm assuming he can afford to put on more weight. Otherwise great pick.

    7th Tom Brandstater QB - Looks good. I wouldn't be disappointed by this pick at this point in the draft. I do hope they address that position with someone to groom. Matters little to me who.
  6. Bob Sacamano

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    English is a legitimate 1st round prospect now, he could take a Ware leap to the top 15

    a little too high for Mike Wallace, who is essentially a one-trick pony

    and with alot of teams now going to the 3-4, Jarron Gilbert is going to be a hot commodity, since he's the best 5-technique lineman in the draft, he's a legitimate 1st round prospect, if at least a 2nd round one, he would be a target at 51
  7. SLATEmosphere

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    Hey Joe, just one question...No ILB's? or do you want Carpenter backing up Brooking?

    I think it's a given that we take 1 if not 2 ILB's in the first 5 rounds
  8. SDogo

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    Whats with this infactuation with trading Patrick Crayton around here and even more so, if he was worth what people have teams giving Dallas for him don't think they would be looking to trade him. It would be a shock if some team was willing to give up a 4th round pick for him.
  9. 28 Joker

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    I really like the Duke Robinson pick, and now, I think Dallas will have a shot at him. He might be there if you get him past the Bears, and the Bears need a RT and guard depth. It is very possible.

    If he's there, I think the Cowboys will jump all over him, and that includes taking him over a safety on the board.

    Duke Robinson is at the top of my mock, too. Great pick.
  10. cowboyjoe

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    i am going to take a inside linebacker later in a mock draft, this was my first one, pure speculation and lots of hopeful wishing
  11. cowboyjoe

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    thats why i traded several of my picks to move up in the draft,

    as far as offensive guard, yes, we do need a big mauling offensive guard ala larry allen;

    if you listened to nate newton, he said one thing this team is missing is a big bona fide star on the offensive line like larry allen or erik williams were, or on defense a star on defensive line to take pressure off of ratliff
  12. TheSport78

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    Stopped reading here :D
  13. Hostile

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    Regarding the mock in your sig, please no Rudy Carpenter. I see him all the time. I'd throw up.
  14. SDogo

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    I don't like the pick that much either but I always feel the need to give Dallas a QB late and I did not like any of the options so I went with the lesser of evils. lol
  15. k19

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    Say it aint so Joe. You really think anyone would give a pick for Roy Williams when everyone knows A) he's a liability in coverage B) He takes bad angles C) He's more than likely going to get released because of A & B.

    Even before the Owens release i don't see Crayton going anywhere because of his mouth, lack of concentration at times, and the way he appeared to "give up" on routes.

    I think your best bet at a mock is straight up and see where they land
  16. cowboyjoe

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    well it showed today i was wrong since roy williams safety was just released with no trade value,

    so i was wrong oh well

    back to the drawing board

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