Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by TxStar61, Oct 29, 2004.

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    But your still and idiot. You just prove my point with this drawn out breakdown of my last post. It is flattering. Borderling obession maybe? No tongue on the first date tho...k?

    I dont want to get more into my personal life and explain my degree and where exactly my expertise comes from. The fact is I do what I do. I still make more than your medical school student butt. And will be even after your grinding those hours in some podunk Enid, OK. nursing home.

    Dont get me wrong. Nurses are important bro. You go give some shots and take someones blood pressure, clean a bed pan and take a temp now and again and get back with me. Let me know how its going.

    Your vast experience of CCIE is off the chart btw. This is because you are one? No? :D You sure have looked into it. I wonder why...hrmmm What was your point with that anyways. =) See bro. Your still trying to be something. It looks like you havent figured that out yet. Sad.

    BTW...my son comes w/ me on just about all my excursions. Even with his young age I would put him against most adults climbing and riding anyday of the week and all day Sunday. He can snowboard w/ the best of them. Can you believe that? Hes 4 man. The kids amazing. Literally.

    Dont hate me cuz Im me. You are however allowed a little dislike. We are drawing this out. Im sure folks find it entertaining. But honestly you are tiring me out. Ill just have to stop slamming you in public and just snicker under my breath when I see your posts.

    YOU WIN...I LOSE...

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    Could this possibly be the first thread ever to be moved from "College Zone" to "Smack Talk Zone"? Interesting, I always thought it would have been a Texas-A&M or Texas-OU type of argument to pull that trick. Never imagined it could be an OU-OU situation.

  3. Dallas

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    You have to agree. It can be entertaining. Flaming back and forth. Its what some strive for. :p
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    I thought you were not going to respond and you were above all that. Hypocrisy is funny. No, I just enjoy exposing some cheap Devry grad that has attitude.

    Dude, you will be lucky that Apu in Banglore doesn't immigrate to Alaska and steal your job. I would be suprised if you were still employed in the same position in 5 years. The poorest doctor still pulls down 120K so I think I will be doing "slightly" better than you in the worst case scenario. FYI, docs don't work in nursing homes. We work in hospitals and veteran hospitals.

    Which companies did you work for? I worked for Nortel in Santa Clara. My experience is accurate because I worked for a real company in the hotbed of everything related to information technology. It's safe to say that I know a lot more than you. I didn't work Ardmore Technical Advising Corporation. Why would I want to be a CCIE when I was a project manager that supervised them and earned 60K per hour on contract. I had guys like you e-mail me their resume. I got bored and decided to go to medical school. I could earn far more money and have real job security

    Don't hate you because you are an a-hole that doesn't respect people? Why would I ever hate a guy like that? And yes you have done a fine job slamming me by making statements such as most people drop out of medical school and that everyone you know is a medical student (except you of course). Yeah, go ahead and ask for props for feeding your kids. You are a winner

    Oh now this is priceless. I take it you have your 4 year old in a little backpack while you go down hill skiing. I take it he rides in the trunk of your snow mobile. Let me guess, he is attached to your ankle when you go mountain climbing. Give it up man and admit you were lying about your hours. The numbers don't add up.
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    Dallas doesn't like me because I don't praise everything about OU. I'm not a cheerleader. I call it like I see it. Some people like Dallas have a problem with that.
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    Hey Dallas

    One can get their CCNP in just 11 days without even having to attend class for $6,995.00. Now, I see why you got this degree. You ate pork rinds and watched taped reruns of Hee Haw while simultaenously becoming an "engineer." Now that you are an alum, I bet your 4 year old won't have any trouble getting into this school when he grows up. Med school, what the hell was I thinking?

    http://www.ipexpert.net/products_se....asp?sku=ip0057 :
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    Time for a cool down period.

    Guys take it easy on each other...if you know you do not like each other then I suggest each of you use the ignore feature...that or just not bother with each other.

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