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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Marktui, Dec 30, 2011.

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    I think we need to get younger and more physical in the middle of our line. Kosier and Holland are bodies for this year. Still not sure if Nagy or Arkin will be ready for extended playing time. Nagy at center maybe?

    Decastro is the stud this year at guard. But behind him is also some quality lineman. Zeitler is adept at running plays. He can pull and get to the second level. He handled Devon Still of PSU who is a highly regarded DT coming out for the draft.

    Kevin Zeitler-6'4'' 315

    Defensive Line
    Jerel Worthy 6'3'' 310lbs
    Not the flashy sexy pick, but he does have a quick burst and looks strong at the point of attack. Is known to be a vocal leader and has a mean streak in him.

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    I will be extremely disappointed... no, pissed off, if one of the better offensive line prospects is available where we pick and we pass.
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    Oline or dline? Dline or Oline? Hey man, we could argue till the cows come home about which should be first: we need both DESPERATELY. Matter of fact, I wish we had some tradeable contracts (Miles Austin?) to move up and get an extra first rounder.

    I can vouch for Jerel Worthy of MSU: I'm and alum and have seen him play EVERY game the last 3 years: the kid is a beast. And yes, he's mean. He'll compete and hates to lose: period. He'd be a great addition in Dallas. But...........I think they'll go with a guard as we dont' have ONE worth a crap right now. Just my opinion....
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    I have seen him play besides one or two plays a game

    hes just there

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