News: OL Brandon Carter to Practice Squad

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by SDogo, Dec 27, 2011.

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    Maybe I'm late but I did not see it anywhere.

    It appears the Cowboys added OG Brandon "Psycho" Carter the former Texas Tech offensive lineman to the practice squad today.
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    Do you know anything about him ?
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    Who is his hairdresser?
  5. jblaze2004

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    looks like a former wrestler from wwe or something. lol

    any detail on this guy?
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    Pretty bad at putting on mascara.
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    seems to have been put on IR by the bucs in september than released.
    He is 6'6 and 330lbs. Need to hit the gym only 22 reps of 225 at the combine and 24 reps at his proday.

    Pass blocking: Strong pass protector who sets quickly, delivers a strong punch, and plays with a wide base. Excellent anchor, rarely gets pushed into the pocket. Will reach to chip both the nose and defensive end if no one lines up against him. Tech employs very wide splits, should be even more effective in pass pro in tight spaces because his recovery speed and lateral footwork is limited. Adept at picking up twists. Quick throws in the offense mask his inability to handle secondary rushes after initial contact.

    Run blocking: Latches onto his man on run blocks and does not let go. Able to turn his man out of the hole and use a defender's momentum to take him out of the play. Knows his angles to create holes inside. Rarely loses ground when run blocking, but is a bit underwhelming as a drive blocker -- partially because of his lack of experience in a three-point stance. Does not move his feet well enough to effectively zone block. Lunges too often to reach his man from his deep stance, bending at the waist and losing his balance. Slow to cut block, but gets good contact and is tough to get around.

    Pulling/trapping: Lumbers a bit when trapping but usually hits a target using his long arms. Can adjust to defenders coming from inside. Usually lined up well off the line, however, giving him an extra step (which he needs) when on the move. Lacks the foot quickness to be effective blocking outside of the tackles.

    Initial Quickness: Fair quickness off the snap in pass set. In the rare situations where he lines up with a hand on the ground, Carter's get off is only adequate. Better than expected getting to the linebackers when called upon.

    Downfield: Surprisingly flexible for his size. Takes good angles and is able to adjust quickly enough to incoming defenders to get a hand on them, which is often enough because of his length and strength, but lacks the footwork to mirror and sustain. Usually hits only one target in space, doesn't often hustle downfield to get the extra block.

    Intangibles: Team captain who is very competitive on and off the field. Plays through the whistle, comes to the aid of his teammates and cleans up piles, if needed. Suspended and stripped of his team captaincy for one game in 2009 for violating team rules.
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    One of my weaknesses is recalling a lot of player profiles from previous years unless I have my files right handy so i did I quick google search and found his CBS write up. Hope it suffices.
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    Maybe this was the "nasty" that some of the posters on here were looking for? :D
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    Does this mean Loper is gone for good?
    Since he played defense before can we coach him up this week ?
    Maybe he will protect our star for us.:D
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    Beat me to it :bow:
  12. big dog cowboy

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    Say what?

    That's more of what I expected.
  13. SaltwaterServr

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    "Violating Team Rules". Every time I read that, I get reminded what a buddy who's coming through the college coaching ranks told me.

    "How many times do you hear "player suspended for failing drug test" in college? Well, there ya go."
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    Probably was working as a bouncer in a Las Vegas Strip Club. Has that look.
  15. newlander

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    now we are signing members of the Insane Clown Posse....dude looks like a Juggalo (yeah, I said it: they are the fan club for ICP)

    Seriously, another great idea by jerry the gm....dude looks fat, soft and clownish: we already have PLENTY of those guys on the OL already:banghead:
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    He is a tough guy psycho

    2010 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:

    Brandon Carter, OG, Texas Tech
    When looking for the biggest NFL ready guard in this class, one needs not look any further than Brandon Carter. At 6-7 and 344 pounds (and counting), Carter towers over some of the other top guards in this class like Sergio Render of Virginia Tech and Thomas Austin of Clemson. Carter redshirted as a freshman in 2005 to gain some weight, but by the next season he was ready to contribute wherever was needed on the offensive line. That was mostly on special teams, but he saw some spot duty and even earned a start against Iowa State. By his sophomore campaign Carter was a consistent starter and was rewarded with All-Big 12 honorable mention honors. During that season, the pass happy Red Raiders only allowed 18 sacks and Carter deserves some of the credit for that success. By the 2008 campaign Carter was dominating most opposing linemen and earned a variety of all-conference and national honors. The same can be said for his senior season in 2009. Normally somebody of Carter's size would be a tackle (and he certainly can play tackle), but he is a great guard because of his quick feet. He may not be the first guard taken in the draft, but he should be pretty darn close to it. 2/15 Update: Carter showed off his skills in the East-West Shrine Game. Most scouts were impressed with how quick his feet were for somebody of his size. Though, it was more than his quickness that was impressive; Carter also proved that he was strong enough to beat most opposing defensive linemen. Barring some bad workouts leading up to the draft, Carter should still be one of the first guards taken; though, as is often the case with guards, that should be somewhere in the second or third round.
  17. Doomsday101

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    I saw the match up with Carter vs Suh when Texas Tech faced Nebraska and Carter shut him down all day long
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    Man...that's a sigh of relief. I am so sick today but when I first looked at the title of this thread for some reason I read it that Bruce Carter was put on practice squad and I was about to say ***!!!!

    Thankfully in my illness I simply misread the thread title...5 times.
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    Yeah he blew it up at the bench press. Screams roids. He probably ate a student.

  20. JoeCorrado

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    A full off-season in the weight room, and students are now off the diet.

    I like the reason for his 1 game suspension. After a loss, the big guy apparently decided that some members of the team had not played to their ability and had words for them. Tough love?

    He only allowed ONE sack over two years as a starter?? Wow, that is some kind of effective.

    On the surface, I like the signing. This is a guy who will simply not be pushed back into his quarterbacks face while in pass protection, and that is a good thing.

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