Old Karl Malone Article

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by RatisBeast, May 20, 2004.

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    Go Lakers !
  3. T-New41

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    Nothing will make me respect Malone more... ever.

    I hope he fails miserably in his quest to coattail a championship... :D

    Damn Spurs... :(
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    I met Karl when he was a rookie. He was dating a girl who was a friend of mine. Absolutely one of the nicest guys I have ever met. His family was really poor. They couldn't even afford a basketball. His mom tied a bunch of old clothes into a ball then she'd sit on the roof with her arms in a circle. That is how he learned how to shoot. Now that's a champion mom. I have always rooted for him to get a ring even before he joined my Lakers.
  5. RatisBeast

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    Wow, that's crazy, I have a tremendous respect for him, his agressiveness is what i love. He's a guy that uses everything in his game to his advantage, so i don't blame him. I really want him to get the championship even more so than kobe and shaq getting another or gp getting his first (although that would be awesome too). He's paid his dues and has been one of the best players we have ever seen as fans. I will be happy and i'm sure he will be emotional if we do get the championship this season. I was happy when Mitch got his from us...lol Good to see good veteran players finally get a ring. Same thing with David Robinson, i was very happy he got his in 99 and Hakeem when MJ left. Maybe i'm just that type of person that likes to see the good guy finish first. BTW, TNEW whats up bro ? haven't talked to you in a while.... you sticking to the Lakers like you said you were ? all that talk about not letting anybody in the bulls,rockets,spurs,lakers club of consecutive champions ? :D I hear alot of Spurs fans and Sac Kings fans <~~ :eek: are backing the Lakers. You need to go to the chats more often bro, how about game 5 ?

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