Older players in the NFL draft

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    Older players in the NFL draft
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    Rick Gosselin E-mail News tips

    Over the years I've seen a lot of older players from the Rocky Mountain schools attend the combine. Most are from BYU but others have come from Utah and Utah State. They are older because they took two years off from their college careers to serve missions for the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

    BYU guard Travis Bright and wide receiver Austin Collie on this draft board served missions, as did Utah defensive end Paul Kruger.

    "It was an experience of a lifetime," said Collie, who served his mission in Buenos Aires. "I spent two years after my true freshmen year to basically go serve others and spread my faith and moral values. It's blessed me now and it's something that's going to bless me my entire life."

    Over the years I've talked to draft prospects who served missions in Germany and Canada. Kruger drew Kansas City.

    "You turn in your papers and you're issued a call from the church," Kruger said. "They say this is where we need you. You don't have too much say in where you go. Why Kansas City? I really don't know, but I loved it there. It was an awesome place to serve."

    Bright drew Detroit.

    "Luck of the draw," Bright said.
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    we need players like that on this team.

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