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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Doomsday101, May 13, 2004.

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    I know many of us have heated debates about QB and some other issues regarding the team but all in all do you guys feel this team is on the right path to get back among the elite teams in this league? I'm not talking Super Bowl because after all that takes a bit a luck as well as talent but to be among the top teams once again and being a true contender. I would like to think so but would like to have your opinions.
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    Actually I do. To me it is easier to win if you have balance. In the past we had a suspect offense and a suspect defense. Last year the defense was seemingly fixed. We didn't sit tight about it either though. We've tweaked it a bit. I suspect that next year we will tweak it even more. If I am taking bets I would say we will be looking DT, LB, and FS for sure, and maybe CB unless we found a gem this year.

    This year was all about tweaking the offense, trying to get it back to respectable. I am not a Keyshanw fan, but I recognize what he can provide for this offense. We needed a RB badly and hopefully Julius will be that guy. He has the potential. Witten will almost certainly be better.

    Our biggest improvement is along the O-line. The return of Al Johnson is bigger than I think we really know. Drafting 2 potential starters was just as big. If Larry Allen can put aside his ego and simply give an effort our line will be back to one of the strong points on this team.

    That brings me to the proverbial powder keg, quarterback. It's no secret I think we needed a change there. Perhaps it is coming in the person of Drew Henson. With cap money to spare it is pretty telling to me that we left Kerry Collins off the table. Tells me that there are high hopes for Henson and no roadblocks wanted. I am sure it will tell other people something different.

    Hey, that's why they run races.
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    I agree completely that Dallas is on the right track to becoming elite once again. Below are my reasons:
    1) They are stockpiling young talent. A large portion of them from winning college programs.
    2) Not blowing their future on older (risky) high dollar free agents.
    3) On board is one of the greatest all-time coaches that seems to be embracing
    the challenge of rebuilding the Cowboys. Plus, he is showing the type of patience in this rebuilding that indicates he is in it for the long haul.
    4) Dallas has two first round draft picks next year.
    5) Dallas already has a dominant defense. Defense wins championships.

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