One of the problems I had in doing a mock draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Woods, Apr 16, 2006.

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    was trying to project the situation with M. Colombo.

    The last I read (about a week or two ago) was that Colombo was doing well and was even playing racquetball. For those who ever have played racquetball, you know the stress it can put on your joints. (I'd guess you would have to be pretty well recovered from any knee injury to even THINK playing racquetball.)

    Also, if I remember from last season, Colombo did play some snaps in the Carolina game (field goal unit, etc). Can someone confirm this?

    On top of that, we let Tucker go probably because we can't keep more than 4 OTs on the roster.

    IF Colombo can atleast contribute as a reliable back-up this year, that would be huge.

    I guess we'll know more about his situation when the mini-camps start. If we hear that the Cowboys are contemplating extending his contract sometime down the line, I think we may have gotten lucky with this one.

    That said, I still think we need to improve our OL in the draft, but maybe Day 1 is for a Guard first? Or a Guard who can project to OT in a pinch? (i.e., Joseph, Spencer, Colledge)
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    Well if we are real lucky we may have stole a gem in Columbo. He was a first rounder and has the tools to be elite, those knee injuries are devastating though and not ever being an elite athlete myself, it would be hard to specualte the chances on performing at an elite status.

    Parcells always says that offensive lineman sometimes break out of thier shell in 3 to 4 years and become very good...thats when they DONT have near career ending injuries.

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