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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NYCowboy22, Sep 13, 2005.

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    Did you notice who Bledsoe thanked first on every TD he threw? Not the reciever but the offensive linemen for keeping his *** off the ground. I thought that showed a lot of character. Bledsoe is a fiery guy, for the first time in a long time we have a leader and a TEAM; not a group of guys playing football. I think the OLine will play better now that they know we can put up points on any given play. I really believe their effort is commensurate with the confidence they have in their teams ability. Who would you rather block for? Eddie George who everyone knows isn't going anywhere or Julius Jones who can take it to the house on any given play? Catch my drift?

    I have to be honest, I wasn't crazy about Bledsoe coming to Dallas. However he far exceeded my expectations against a tough team like San Diego. I am actually pretty excited now to have him at QB and I think he is more than capable of taking this team to where it belongs.

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    i agree, i noticed that too. The OL was all smiles, hugs, and high 5's after each TD with DB.
    Also saw JJ get up after a big run when he followed LA upfield and JJ ran back to LA and they were smiling and slapped each other in the head.
    I think DB seems to be the consumate professional and is really looking like a team first guy, at least so far here in Dallas. I think JJ, DB, and some of the other younger guys like Spears and Ware are rejuvinating the older guys like LA and Glover. Seemed like there was a little more passion in that game than I'd seen in a while from a Cowboy team. Henry really brings a lot of fire, not to mention playing ability, to the secondary also.
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    The key to his success is the OL. I think Bledsoe will be as good as the OL allows him too be.

    Drew can throw all the passes.....excellent arm strength and accuracy.

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