One thing I would like to see in the last 8 gms.: Get Witten the ball in the red zone

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jlust22, Nov 3, 2005.

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    The Cowboys got off to a great start in the red zone to begin the season. They were 9/11 after three weeks, but they have gotten much worse as the season has progressed. In the last five games, they are only 6/20 in the red zone scoring TD's. I think it would help tremendously if they would actually throw to Witten down near the end zone. It seems the only passing play they have inside the ten yard line is the fade or fade stop to Keyshawn, which has been pretty successful, but they need to take greater advantage of Witten's ability to make plays.

    He's lagging behind some other top TE's in terms of TD's. Gates and Heath Miller already have six TD's and Shockey and McMichael have 4 each (all of them have also played 1 less game than Witten). I know Gates is in a league all by himself when it comes to TE's, but Pittsburgh certainly knows how to get Miller open for easy TD's. I think Witten can be a great target in the red zone if they utilize him and this team has to become more proficient scoring TD's in the 2nd half of the season to have a better chance to beat the tough teams on their schedule
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    Great point and I don't understand why we don't throw to him a lot more down there. I like Keyshawn down there also but Witten needs to be used more. A lot more.
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    I agree to a point. The issue is that opposing teams know about Witten too and are loading up on him.

    I like a lot of the play action stuff - the pass play to Loey P. Drag a second TE (Robinson play) wink wink Canty! etc
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    throw witten the damn ball in the red zone.

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    DMN had the stat in the Sunday paper about our redzone offense calling runs on 1st down something 23 of the 27 first downs we had...against Arizona I think we threw on 1st down in the redzone once..

    at some point they really are going to surprise some teams by throwing alot more on 1st down when we get down there

  6. Nors

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    Seems like we get a lot of run, run then 3rd down pass of late inside 10.....

    And the cry past months was we are settling for FG's..... More play action early could be very effective passing the ball. When a D is loading Bear to stop run.
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    read my sig...
  8. DeathToTheSkinS

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    Amen...Key n witten are a force but they need to both be used.
  9. The Curly One

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    The Redskins beat us because they went deep and caught us off guard. TWICE!
    I think we have to do the same thing, go deep several times a game just to open things up and spread the defense out.
    Right now our defense is playing good and the offense is good but I think we are too conservative on the play calling and game plan.
    Witten is almost always a good choice but we still need to open things up and that will help our production in the red zone and all other areas. Curly
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    If Witten is open, it is easy to say get him the ball in the end zone but don't you think the defense is thinking the same thing? If Witten is open then get the ball to him but I don't want to see Bledsoe forcing balls in the end zone not when there are other options available to him
  11. Funxva

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    Just a theory, but maybe we are going to start changing strategies for the second half. I bet you we throw a lot more on first down in the RZ this second half with teams watching tape and expecting the run.

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    Agree, memories linger of the incomplete where witten was open and waiving to someone behind Bledsoe because Bledsoe sure as hell wasn't looking his way, like you said throw him the damn ball, amen brother..
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    "The Redskins beat us because they went deep and caught us off guard. TWICE! " ...
    I don't think they caught us guard, we just blew the coverage (and Brunell DID put the ball exactly where it needed to be). If we were surprised by a long pass (or two) from a team who's down by a couple of touchdowns with time running out, then we have some serious INTELLIGENCE problems!LOL!

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