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One word, YOGA!

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Galian Beast, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Galian Beast

    Galian Beast Well-Known Member

    12,671 Messages
    4,399 Likes Received
    I've had back problems for a few years, and it's the reason why I left the Army.

    Doctors basically said they couldn't do anything for me, but I just had my first Yoga class today and I feel AMAZING.

    I would recommend it to everyone on the Zone. If you have aches or pains, or just want to feel better... DO IT!
  2. Wimbo

    Wimbo Active Member

    4,133 Messages
    2 Likes Received
    I did yoga as part of P90X. It was probably my favorite workout in the series. I am not naturally flexible, and it was hard for me to hold some of the positions, but afterwards I felt great.
  3. TOYSTER17

    TOYSTER17 Pimpstocious and Pimpalicious

    348 Messages
    6 Likes Received
    I did yoga for a year at my university, it was so hard to hold some positions as I am not flexible at all. The instructor would also throw in some Pilates. I enjoyed it because it was a 8am class and it would energize me for the day (and because of the women in there :D), but I can't say that Yoga made a difference with aches. It definitely did help with my stretching and flexibility though.
  4. CowboyMcCoy

    CowboyMcCoy Business is a Boomin

    12,749 Messages
    234 Likes Received
    I believe in Yoga myself.
  5. Reality

    Reality Administrator Staff Member

    14,238 Messages
    8,679 Likes Received
    Try, you should! Good, you will feel! Resist, you cannot!

    Oh wait ... :D

  6. danielofthesaints

    danielofthesaints Well-Known Member

    1,111 Messages
    204 Likes Received
    Build yourself a strong core. Form is everything. That will solve most back aches.
  7. kristie

    kristie Well-Known Member

    8,189 Messages
    391 Likes Received
    i do yoga in addition to pilates. my body always feels great after i do either workout.:D
  8. CliffnMesquite

    CliffnMesquite Well-Known Member

    4,481 Messages
    211 Likes Received
  9. Alumni2k11

    Alumni2k11 Old Dominion University (Class of 2011)

    1,050 Messages
    1 Likes Received

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