Open up the Dang OFFENSE! Attack! Attack! Attack!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cas2800, Dec 26, 2006.

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    Its obvious our defense has no pass rush and teams are going to score on them. Parcells old way of thinking that control the clock, run the ball, keep it close is not going to work with this defense. As we get into the playoffs the offenses are going to only get better. Our defense is not holding their own and teams are playing ball control against us! It happened with the Saints and again last night.

    Parcells needs to realize that once his team falls behind after a possession or two you cannot keep trying to control the clock mentality. The defense is getting worn out while the offense is getting frustrated on the bench. Before you know it were down by 10 and defenses are doubling the wideouts and making passing difficult.

    We also need to quit on so many deep routes and use more quick passes, slants, screens, quick passes to Witten then when we have those working you run the ball and throw deep.

    Every NFL coach and just about every cowboy fan knows Parcells MO is to try to run the ball and control the clock. So they play the run and before you know it were down by 10, our defense is tired and now we are throwing deep passes into double coverage while defenses are blitzing us to death and not allowing the time for the recievers to get deep.


    Parcells has tried to show his confidence in the defense by using the ball control game. That obviously is not working. He needs to show the offense that he has

    We have the weapons on offense and need to be the team to attack and take the pressure of our defense. Be unpredictable, not the same old conservitive Parcells. Your offensive players are frustrated and feel they are not being used to their potential, Which they have every right to be. You are not showing them the same confidence that you are in the defense. And most of all you are playing too damn predictable.

    Open up the offense and use your playmakers! Take the pressure off the defense because they are beaten and battered.

    Ok i know Parcells wont read this but i needed to vent! I have my playoff tickets for texas stadium and now i wont be able to see the payoffs live and im pissed off!!
  2. cowboys#1

    cowboys#1 Finish!

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    easier said than done....
  3. jman

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    I say the up the defense.


    What have we got to loose?
  4. Maikeru-sama

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    Nah, Parcells has been attacking, I think they said we had not score no fewer than 17 points before yesterday.

    The problem is not the offense folks. Parcells has been aggressive on Offense and if you do some research, you will see a million posts complaining about us giving up on the run.

    We are #3 overall on Offense, that is easily good enough to win a World Championship.

    The problem is Parcells' bread N butter, the Defense, it is banal, easily defeated and Parcells has lived and died by this way of defensive play calling and he isnt going to change.

    Im happy with the offense, they just didnt have the ball enough.

    And the bigger problem is that you win important games with Defense and right now we dont have one.

    Jeff Garcia totally schooled this defense.
  5. Cbz40

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    You are correct Mr. Green we have no D.
  6. goshan

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    The offense is already wide open.
    I would run more to try and keep the defense off the field.
  7. wileedog

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    Congratulations, you have actually managed to create a whine post about the one thing that is NOT wrong with this team.
  8. chinch

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    this is very shortsighted and based on nonsense.

    case in point... 1st/10 from the 50. Game within reach. We're moving the ball and resting our tired, worn defense (last few weeks they look lethargic). What do we do... ATTACK... and what happens Romo throws a bad ball, TO gives up and we have an INT and Philly has the ball and our tired D is back in.

    we are attacking TOO MUCH since T-day and Romo was playing lights out. we need to RUN, RUN, RUN and short pass to control the clock.
  9. cowboys#1

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    yea then let lj smith burn ya for 60 yds
  10. theogt

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  11. Juke99

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    I say "Stop being so negative. Stop harping on all the mistakes. Stop telling the players not to be the guy to lose the season for the other 52." AND LET THEM HAVE some damn fun playing. The offense and defense will BOTH look different.

    It's the same offense as when Romo first started. Remember the energy the team had when he started his first few games. Hell, the word is that he even energized Parcells.

    How many times can ya hear "Don't annoint him yet" and all the other negative crap that emanates from Parcells and not have it get ya down?

    This team plays tight. This team plays not to make mistakes.

    Ya know, Henson was a great example of this.

    The more time went on, the worse he looked. The ONLY time he looked good (NFLE) was when the pocket broke down and he freelanced.

    But in the pocket? My oh my. It looked like "OK, left foot, right foot, read the field left to right, raise the arm to the correct position, get feet in throwing position, turn hips as ball is released, follow through..."

    Geezlouise...and ya know, not for nothing but the word from the Giants AND the Saints is that Romo is much better outside of the pocket when the play breaks down.

    That could be a coincidence...or not.
  12. jman

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    And that's exactly what we got for playing the way we have.

    They need to stop thinking and start doing.

    Like I said...What do we have to loose? We play like we have and LJ Smith goes for 60.
  13. tyke1doe

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    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Run and get the ball in the playmakers hands. We dont do enough of that.

    If the offense would do more SOONER that would be an improvement... the offense is flawed... in design, in creativity.... in execution... it needs work
  15. theogt

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    Uhhh....what? This is one of the best offenses we've had in years. It's one of the top offenses in the league. The O-line sucks arse, but one bad game doesn't mean the offense needs work.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Yes... stats-wise and points-wise we are better.. but we have some padding there...I dont disagree that is a good offense... I would like to see more execution earlier in games...

    We can change the complexion of the game and we dont... then teams get confident and they nail us to the wall

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