Opinion: Dallas Cowboys Should Consider Trading No. 14 Pick in 2012 NFL Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Gryphon, Mar 4, 2012.

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    No; absolutely not. The Dallas Cowboys should not trade up in the 2012 NFL Draft, but should instead trade down. The Cowboys are trying to win now; this team isn’t rebuilding, so using the No. 14 overall pick as trade bait could land Dallas some solid veterans who could help this team win now while providing a rebuilding team with an extra first-round draft pick.

    Consider the Cleveland Browns. No matter how many losing seasons they have, all the first-round picks haven’t helped to this point. Cleveland already has two first-rounders this year and the Cowboys would be wise to ask if the Browns would be willing to ship star cornerback Joe Haden to Dallas for a third.

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  2. Chuck 54

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    I have no issue with the Cowboys deciding to move down in the draft for additional picks or players, but the two examples provided were ridiculous.

    Why would any team trade a star 22 year old, early draft pick, starting CB for the #14 pick and then have to draft another CB to replace the lost starter, especially in a year when #14 won't provide any candidates as good as Joe Haden?

    Good premise...insane examples.
  3. JakeCamp12

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    For the last few years we have all complained about how Spears and Spencer have not lived up to their draft status. The this year we have the possibility of drafting a guy that may have the potential to start day 1 and be a great player for 10 years and we want to draft down. To me you draft players that will start and get better the more they play, who cares what the value is??? I want guys that can play Day 1, not projects or potential. This DeCastro can protect Romo for the rest of Romo's career and open holes for Jones and Demarco, why can't we draft the safe pick and move on??? Draft the starter Jerry, don't get greedy and out smart yourself...
  4. Zaxor

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    unless of course that is needed for a move up to draft their franchise QB
  5. jterrell

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    Trade for a veteran player??? HOLY CRAP NO!!!

    See Galloway and RW11 as examples of why this is inanely stupid.

    Dallas needs young talent. The team isn't rebuilding but also isn't selling out for lone last shot....

    Even is CLE was stupid enough to hand us Haden we'd need to pay him like a stud CB in a couple seasons. So we'd lose 14 and still need to allocate dollars.

    Again, just dumb.
    Keep 14 and go get a good FA CB.

    People need to stop trying to steal Larry Lacewell's ideas....
  6. TheCount

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    We aren't rebuilding? Could have fooled me.
  7. Eskimo

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    I'd be happy to trade the #14 for Haden but the Browns would never accept that offer.

    I think we are far better off trading into the low or mid-20s as the value in the draft for our positions of need are much better there. There is not a good OLB, CB or DE candidate likely to be worth the pick at #14 in this draft. Our best shot is if Ingram slips that far but pass rushers and QBs rise as you head to the draft and most people seem to have him in the top 10 after the Combine.

    We may end up with DeCastro but I think we would be better off in a trade down where we could pick up a late 2nd rounder. This would allow us to get extra picks to rebuild our defense and OL at more value appropriate spots in this draft which is weak at the top but strong in depth in the late first through third round with OGs, CBs and OLBs.
  8. RS12

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    Anybody ever been impressed with Jerry's ability to trade down? Didnt think so. Bill Walsh he aint.
  9. Eskimo

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    It is definitely a partial re-build.

    Anytime you have yourself a Pro Bowl calibre QB still in his prime you don't need a full rebuild.

    Our offense is borderline great if we can patch the interior OL - good enough to score 30 ppg IMO. We just need health for Romo, Miles and Felix and continued development from Tyron and Dez.

    The defense is a bit of a nightmare but we do have the best player in football over the last six seasons, a great young ILB, a good NT and a very good CB. We simply need a more cohesive defensive strategy with better drafting.

    We also have to stop reward mediocre players with premium contracts. Rat was well on his way to showing he wasn't Pro Bowl calibre anymore just before we extended him with a premium contract. I really hope we don't make the same mistake with Spencer who is definitely not the player we need opposite from Ware to make this defense good again. Scandrick and Sensy were overpaid but not horrifically so and we can build a good defense with them in there so long as we fix the WILB, SOLB and get another disruptive player at DE while fixing up the #2 CB spot which is horrific right now.

    It can be done and it is possible to patch most of it up in one good offseason but I don't know that Jerry can do it.

    Our most glaring deficiency continues to be at GM and FO management. I actually like the current crop of coaches and the nucleus of the team.
  10. dmq

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    If you consider getting rid of the unproductive players as rebuilding, than we're rebuilding.
  11. DFWJC

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    Build through the draft and FA market. PLEASE.

    This is still a fairly old team. Build a solid foundation for the future while getting better today. No robbing Peter to pay Paul, (old?) Washington Redskin approach.

    Do it right.
  12. supercowboy8

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    I'm all for trading back and getting more picks if Ingram and DeCastro aren't there at 14. No reason to reach for a player. I wouldn't mind taking the Patriots way in the draft and trading back in the first besides reaching and then again if the player you want isn't there, trading back again out of the first. If a playmaker isn't there then I'm all for trading back.

    If we sign Carr, then we can find a starting OG in the 2nd. I can find CB depth in the 2nd and 3rd. I can find DL depth in the 2nd and 3rd. I can find a center in the 2nd and 3rd.

    Trade back once in the ifrst and a player still isn't there then you can trade back aagin into the top of the 2nd and get a extra 1st next year.
    Then next year if there is a playmaking pass rusher or FS you have the ammo you need to trade up to get that player. A player like a Von Mller or Earl Thomas would be nice to have on this defense.

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