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    Didn't see a thread on this so if it's a repost, I appoligize. There was a considerable amount of discussion on players holding out etc., in the off season. On the one hand, you had TO and on the other, a guy like Walker in his first contract. Now that he has sustained serious injury, it will be interesting to see if he gets paid from the Packers. Unfortunate is all I can say.


    Packers WR Walker done for the season

    NFL.com wire reports

    GREEN BAY, Wis. (Sept. 12, 2005) -- Javon Walker, the Green Bay Packers' best receiver, will miss the rest of the season after tearing up his right knee in the opener.

    Walker will need an operation once the swelling subsides to repair the torn anterior cruciate ligament and will require between eight and 12 months of rehabilitation.

    "Talking to him last night, he's very positive and upbeat about it, understands what's ahead of him and is planning on breaking all kinds of records on getting back sooner," coach Mike Sherman said.

    Walker was hurt in the third quarter of the Packers' 17-3 loss at Detroit when he pushed off safety Terrence Holt on a 55-yard catch that was negated by his offensive interference.

    Walker, who made the Pro Bowl last season after catching 89 passes for 1,382 yards and 12 touchdowns, threatened to hold out this year if the final two years of his contract weren't renegotiated. But he showed up in training camp on time, saying he wanted to prove he was worthy of a blockbuster contract through his play.

    The risk, of course, was suffering a serious injury that would limit his earning power -- just like the one he suffered now, when he caught four passes for 27 yards.

    When he was threatening to hold out, agent Drew Rosenhaus said he couldn't let Walker risk his health for that kind of money, but Walker said he couldn't fathom missing any games in a contract dispute.

    With Walker down, Robert Ferguson will start alongside Donald Driver, who will move from split end to flanker. Ferguson is the Packers' best special teams player, but might be taken off those units now, Sherman said.

    Also, second-round draft pick Terrence Murphy, who missed much of training camp with a knee injury, will be force-fed the offense so he can serve as the No. 4 receiver behind kick returner Antonio Chatman.

    Walker's injury is a serious blow to the Packers and quarterback Brett Favre, whose team had never been held to as few as three points in any of his 226 consecutive starts, counting playoffs.

    "I don't think there's going to be desperation in the locker room. There's disappointment for him personally and for our team," Sherman said. "But you have to be able to move on."
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    I wonder if the Packers are going to pay him for his 2004 numbers. I mean he did the "right thing" and reported on time, he went all out in camp and was injured trying to make a big play for his team. Will they reward him? Doubt that seriously. These teams have no honor, so I will never have an issue with a player (no matter what team he is on) holding out in order to get a long term deal. It is a business 1st and football players careers are more at risk than most other athletes thus I support any player attempting to solidify their financial futures. Sad situation for Walker.
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    Maybe big mouth Brett will take some money out of his check and give it to Walker. He had no right to get into another player's business.

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    I agree with this and the prior poster as well. Brett Favre should not have been involved, IMO, with this situation. He should have let Walker work this thing out accordingly. TO, I do not agree with at all. Walker, on the other hand, he was deserving of a contract IMO. His situation merrited it. I seriously doubt he will get what he deserves from the Packers but who knows. Maybe Brett will put in a good word for him on his way out the door.

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